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Biden administration taking steps to speed up putting Harriet Tubman on $20 bill

⚡️ “What a $15 minimum really means for workers and unemployment” by @Politicsinsider 

Biden brought the button Trump used to order Diet Cokes back to the Oval Office

Biden is bucks Trump's pandemic approach that favored friendlier states and brings Republican governors into the fold

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler pepper sprayed a man during a confrontation outside of a restaurant

Biden says Trump's impeachment trial 'has to happen' even if it impacts his legislative agenda

'This is about my politics': Tom Cotton says his military record was scrutinized because he's a 'conservative veteran'


👉 Trump said Americans 'want great schools for their children, safe neighborhoods for their families, and good jobs for themselves.' But he has done little to make sure people got this, instead installing controversial education secretary Betsy Devos.

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AOC says FEMA is preparing to cover $2 billion in COVID-19 funeral costs across the US: 'We finally got it done'

President Trump promised good jobs and a return to greatness on the world stage during his inaugural address in 2017. Four years on, none of these visions have been realized. Here are some key quotes from his address, and why they haven't aged well.

Georgia's top election official and GOP gubernatorial candidate is under fire for putting 53,000 voter registrations on hold for mistakes like missing hyphens

Rep. Katie Porter tore into McConnell for holding up the $908 billion COVID-19 stimulus bill over corporate protections, saying they enable 'the worst examples of disregard for human life'

Trump suggests people in North Carolina should vote twice to test the state's mail-in ballot system, but voting more than once in an election is illegal

President Donald Trump also spoke to Woodward in an interview on June 19 where he said that he felt no responsibility to better understand the pain of many Black Americans.