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Justice Thomas wants the Supreme Court to revisit libel protections to make it easier for public figures to sue media organizations

The impact of Kavanaugh's confirmation on the 2018 elections may reveal how the reversal of Roe v. Wade could impact this year's midterms

Video shows Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson mocking Putin's shirtless horse-riding photoshoot at G7 meeting

GOP House candidate questioned how often rape victims get pregnant: 'Maybe because there's so much going on in the body'

Kevin McCarthy says it's 'all good' between him and Trump as the former president fumes about the lack of Republicans on the Jan. 6 committee: 'The right decision was the decision I made'

The January 6 committee plans to show 'recently obtained evidence' at a newly-announced hearing on Tuesday


Former House Speaker Paul Ryan says 'a lot' of Republicans wanted to impeach Trump after January 6 but 'just didn't have the guts to do it'

Jen Psaki leaves the White House after holding 224 briefings — more than all of Trump's press secretaries combined

Cousins Fred and Rey Cavazos are the third-generation owners of 60 acres of land near the Rio Grande in TX. But a federal judge granted the government’s request for seizure of 6.6 acres for border wall construction — breaking a Biden campaign promise.

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Mark Cuban supports Biden's proposal to forgive $10,000 in student debt per borrower as long as 'ridiculous tuition fees' are addressed alongside it: 'We don't want this being a perennial problem'

Former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt slams Sarah Palin as 'unwell' and says she has no business serving the public 'even as a crossing guard'

Menthol in cigarettes and cigars could soon be outlawed, as the @US_FDA  and state legislatures carefully prepare to regulate or legislate them into history. But one tobacco giant is spreading millions of dollars to political candidates. ⬇️

Nancy Pelosi's husband reportedly arrested on DUI charges in California