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A strong @peterbakernyt  survey of President Trump's 1,001th day in office, when "all pretense of normalcy went out the window"

"Hamilton pushed for impeachment powers. Trump is what he had in mind," writes Hamilton biographer Ron Chernow

Inside Joe Biden’s brawling efforts to reform Ukraine — which won him successes and enemies -- by @mviser  & @PaulSonne 

Trump reversed course on hosting the G-7 at his club after learning that impeachment-weary Republicans were tired of defending him, @ToluseO  @jdawsey1  & @Fahrenthold  report

Trump says he’s the dealmaker in chief, but his record lists mostly incompletes, @agearan  & @davidjlynch  write


Trump’s July 4th extravaganza has bankrupted the DC government’s special fund that’s supposed to be used to protect the nation’s capital from terrorist threats, via @PeteJamison 

Trump’s campaign still owes the city of El Paso more than $500,000 in fees associated with his February rally. County commissioner calls the debt “ridiculous and unconscionable.”

Heidi Heitkamp's brother Joel on MSNBC: "She may lose. But in the morning, when she's brushing her teeth, she needs to like the person she sees."

Trump spends a lot of time calling Democrats socialist, but a head of state ordering companies to do things is, well, socialism.

An ICE whistleblower who resigned because his administration superiors told him to lie to the public had his CBS News interview interrupted by government agents

Literally every Washington power player -- Democratic and Republican, past and present -- is at McCain's funeral, except the sitting president, who is tweeting his grievances about the DOJ and FBI.