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those close to him say that is not impossible - today’s crisis for Johnson would be pretty close to catastrophe.

Although the government’s implied position has been public sector workers pay will NOT rise in line with inflation, it has not expressed the “pay cuts for all” policy explicitly and bluntly - till just now when Simon Clarke Treasury chief secretary did so, on @BBCr4today 

his future spouse to work for him even odder. And given this is a published source from a minister who was there, it makes the decisions of the Times and Mail to succumb to political pressure and pull their stories even stranger. HT @PickardJE 

@RishiSunak  today insisted putting pensions up by 10% is less inflationary than putting up other incomes by 10% because "the slight difference with pensions is pensions are not an input cost into the cost of producing goods and services we all consume...

inflation (RPI) in its calculations of the monthly interest bill. Little wonder the Chancellor says “rising inflation and increasing debt interest costs pose a challenge for the public finances, as they do for family budgets”. He’s not crying wolf. To put that in some kind of…

I’ve been to a lot of gigs. Macca at #glastonburyfestival2022  the best of my life. I never thought I would hear Abbey Rd side-two played live. It’s all still sinking in.

When you hear a former Tory PM describe a piece of important government legislation as illegal, ineffectual and highly damaging to the UK’s standing in the world - which is how Theresa May just described Boris Johnson’s Northern Ireland Protocol Bill - you might expect…

closing down Bray is not what @pritipatel  said her new law was intended to do. Will libertarian Tories stand up for Bray’s right to be annoying outside Parliament and Downing St?

Huge story from conference in Portugal of heads of Bank of England, US Fed and European Central Bank, who say era of low inflation and near near-zero interest rates is definitively over. We'll discuss implications on #Peston  tonight, ITV at 10.45 and here via @itvpeston  at 9


For the Prime Minister and Chancellor to be fined while parliament is in recess and cannot be held to account by MPs is extraordinary. The Met Police are literally a law unto themselves

In Downing Street there is a sense of injustice and considerable upset that the 126 Partygate fines have been levied disproportionately on women and junior officials. One source said: “the majority of [those fined] are very junior diary managers etc on 24k-ish and these fines…

The ministerial code, revised today by the PM, seems to say that so long as the PM continues to have confidence in himself, he would not have to resign, even if he has breached the code (including, for example, being found guilty of willingly lying to parliament by…

No one in or around SAGE and Nervtag is aware of any scientific advice given to the PM that the requirement to isolate for those infected with Covid19 should be terminated from end of the month. “It’s politics, isn’t it” is a typical reaction

It is the “secret Santa” detail in the Times about the Downing St party last 18 Dec that is a serious problem for the government. Because that would indicate it was properly planned, and should have been cancelled under Tier 3 rules. It is clear this story is not going away

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In case you missed, @neil_ferguson  didn't simply say that locking down a week earlier would have saved 25,000 lives, he also said that while the policy was always to protect the elderly in care homes "the policy failed to be enacted till recently".

Attached is the advice from the Texas Medical Association on which activities carry the most risk of transmitting COVID-19 infection. Go to the bottom to see the activity that is counted riskiest of all - which we are all permitted to do from 6am tomorrow morning. Cheers!

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One of Buffett’s most famous aphorisms is “only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked”. This applies in spades to the many members of the political and financial establishment who took money and favours from Russian oligarchs and kleptocrats…