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Reports from JCB in Stafford is that @Boris Johnson⁩ is about to smash through a wall. Guess who gave him the idea (not your usual Johnson suspects)

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This election is billed as the most important for generations. And yet record numbers of people are undecided how to vote. If you are undecided, or if you have friends and family who are undecided, do you think in the end you and they will

@BorisJohnson  keeps saying we are “a new administration coming in”, when criticised (this time by @NickFerrariLBC ) for what Tory governments and ministers have done since 2010

Striking that @BorisJohnson  ratchets up cost of HS2 to “north of £100bn probably” - sends signal he would cancel as unaffordable if he is re-elected. In interview by @NickFerrariLBC 

This is significant. @BorisJohnson 's aides , including Dominic Cummings, have been examining future of BBC licence fee. They and he believe it is no longer appropriate that it is a poll tax on every owner of a television. The two options are 1) scrapping fee...

altogether (and presumably forcing BBC to move to more commercial or subscription model), or 2) turning the licence fee into something that looks much more like a voluntary payment, by decriminalising failure to pay for the licence. Apparently this is a very live issue and...

a Johnson government would force radical change to public service broadcasting.

It is completely clear from video footage that @MattHancockMP 's adviser was not whacked by a protestor, as I was told by senior Tories, but that he inadvertently walked into a protestor's hand. I apologise for getting this wrong.


It is eight weeks till we leave the EU. And we don’t know anything about what kind of Brexit it will be. I cannot really believe I wrote this and I am not dreaming.

Senior Tory MP: "We all f***ing hate her. But there is nothing we can do. She has totally f***ed us".

This is so upsetting. The climate-change protestors were, according to the police and friends who were there, wholly peaceful. Why on earth does Field react with such ferocity? The violence of his intervention is quite wrong.

I don’t believe the official voices of business and trade unions have ever jointly described a looming threat as a “national emergency”. And I have been covering this stuff since 1983. Unwise to ignore