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@RishiSunak  says 0.7% for aid is "difficult to justify to the British people". He is saying that most British people don't feel it's appropriate to make a personal sacrifice in these challenging times to help the world's poorest. Is he right?

The PM and the Cabinet Secretary, Johnson and Case, write joint letter to all ministers and permanent secretaries asking them to stop leaking and not to engage in bullying.

@speakrs4schools , which began as an email I sent to friends ten years ago asking them to give free talks in state schools, has now reached 1m students. Congratulations to an amazing team, notably Jason Elsom, Carly Wilkinson, Andrew Law and our original director Ashley Hodges

Confirmed: the nightmare of Christmas, not before. As I pointed out Sunday, we'll have to choose just 2 other households to "bubble" with for 5 days from 23 to 27 Dec. I don't know about you, but I am not looking to our household's debate about our 2 favourite other households

How and why the government’s Covid19 debts could prove very expensive

Day to day government spending will rise 3.8%, fastest rate for 15 years, says @RishiSunak 

@BorisJohnson  says "trust the social science" on his behavioural remedies to the spread of Covid-19 and "don't trust the social science" when OBR and Bank of England say no free trade deal with the EU will make the UK considerably poorer. Does he see the contradiction?

My UK government sources (multiple) say they can see a political solution to the impasse in EU free trade talks that relates to level playing field conditions, state aid and enforcement conditions, but that the EU offer on fishing rights in UK waters is wholly unacceptable. By...

LATEST on prospects for EU trade deal. EU source says "If [Boris Johnson's] taxation bill violates the Withdrawal Agreement, how could EU ever approve new deal"


@michaelgove  said just now that the difficulty in increasing number of #COVID19  tests was due to a shortage of the relevant "chemcial reagents". Well I've just talked to the Chemical Industries Association, which represents the UK's very substantial chemicals industry. It...

Senior Tory MP: "We all f***ing hate her. But there is nothing we can do. She has totally f***ed us".

This is the best measure I’ve seen of quite how few #COVID19  tests the UK has done. It is an international league table of countries ranked by percentage of population tested, compiled by Julian Ozanne (who was on FT with me in another life). The UK comes 20th out of 20

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This makes me want to retire as a journalist, because I have been desperate to put Brexit in a simple nutshell, and the bloomin’ PM of Luxembourg has done it perfectly. Impossible to better. Sigh

In case you missed, @neil_ferguson  didn't simply say that locking down a week earlier would have saved 25,000 lives, he also said that while the policy was always to protect the elderly in care homes "the policy failed to be enacted till recently".

The Irish leaders’ debate is really quite shocking. The three leaders have a detailed grasp of complex welfare and tax issues, they are polite and courteous, they admit mistakes, they say sorry. They might even be largely honest. Why is all that possible in Ireland but not here?

It is completely clear from video footage that @MattHancockMP 's adviser was not whacked by a protestor, as I was told by senior Tories, but that he inadvertently walked into a protestor's hand. I apologise for getting this wrong.

Attached is the advice from the Texas Medical Association on which activities carry the most risk of transmitting COVID-19 infection. Go to the bottom to see the activity that is counted riskiest of all - which we are all permitted to do from 6am tomorrow morning. Cheers!

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.⁦⁦ @elashton ⁩ reports that minutes after addressing 50 Tory MPs in a room with a notice saying capacity was 29, @BorisJohnson ⁩’s office tweeted that meeting in groups of more than 30 is illegal, punishable with huge fine. Satire is dead

Paul Johnson of @TheIFS , who knows a thing or two about the public finances, says exempting migrant health and care workers from the NHS surcharge would cost around £90m, a tenth of the £900m @BorisJohnson  said it would cost in reply to @Keir_Starmer  today