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Senator Patty Murray

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Since SCOTUS took on a direct challenge to Roe that threatens the constitutional right to abortion, I’ve heard non-stop from people anxious about the future. People who are scared. People who are frustrated. People who—like the majority of Americans—want to protect Roe.

#RoeVWade  changed lives for the better. It prevented so much harm & helped keep so many patients healthy. It opened doors for women to pursue their career and educational goals—& affirmed the right to control our own bodies and our own futures.

Since Roe, extreme Republicans have peddled blatant misinformation, filled our judicial system with anti-abortion judges, and passed state laws designed to make it harder to get abortions, birth control, or even take medication abortion pills in your own home.

But there's no one, easy fix. So I'm also fighting to make sure birth control is easy to get and affordable, that we make historic investments in Title X family planning centers, & more—& it's why I'm asking everyone to join me in the fight.

It’s going to take all of us working together to #ProtectReproRights  . Share your story. Support a local organization helping to get patients the reproductive health care they need. Work to combat GOP misinformation. Fight to pass local and state laws protecting abortion rights.

The majority of Americans believe people should be trusted to make their own decisions about whether or not to get an abortion—& that it's not a decision that extreme politicians should make for you or can be taken away because of how much money they have or where they live.

We can make this a reality. But we’ve got to keep fighting for it. That’s what I’m doing and it’s what I’m going to keep doing. And I’m so glad to have so many people fighting right alongside me.

The climate crisis is well underway in Washington state and across the country—you can see it, feel it, and we are all experiencing it. It's clear we can't delay taking action to protect our planet and I will keep fighting to make sure we do.

Click below to learn more about how the new law to end surprise medical bills will help make sure you won't get unexpected, unaffordable bills for out-of-network care in emergencies and for providers you didn’t choose.


If we have to change the Senate rules to pass strong federal voting rights legislation, then let’s do it. Nothing is more important than protecting the right to have a voice in our democracy.

Abortion is a constitutionally-protected right and it should be available to everyone who wants it regardless of who they are or how much money they make. RT if you agree.

I want a country where everyone can choose if & when to start a family—free from political interference—& where everyone has full control of their bodies, lives, & futures. RT if you're with me in the fight to create that reality by protecting #RoeVWade  & the right to abortion.

Whether or not you choose to get an abortion, use birth control, or get any type of essential reproductive health care should be up to you—and not the business of right-wing politicians who want to restrict people’s ability to control their bodies and futures.

We can't let Republicans & their Supreme Court nominee end safe, legal abortion in the United States of America. RT if you're with me in this fight.

I'm hearing Republicans say policies like making sure every family can afford child care if they need it are radical. You know what's radical? Downplaying an insurrection.

Getting an abortion is a deeply personal decision that the government, politicians, and your neighbors should have absolutely no say in. RT if you agree.

RT if you're doing your part to end this pandemic by wearing a mask, social distancing, washing your hands, getting tested if you have symptoms, and getting vaccinated.

Like @POTUS  said last week, we’ve got to protect voting rights across the country.    RT if you agree we must pass the #ForThePeople  Act.