Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee

Hello beautiful people..I’m just trying to make the world smile a little bit more. People enjoy my podcast, I think you will too.. HAMMER the link below.

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@willspringer  Hahaha no no no.. Honeymoon is off and running fantastically.. I utilize “dumb” to describe my life because none of it makes sense. I’m incredibly lucky to be where I’m at. The situations I find myself in shouldn’t happen but they do.. it’s all dumb. The dumbest some say.

Wifey just gave us the go ahead.. About to take a mid honeymoon daytrip to clear up some drama in my life

Hey... that’s BIG BIG brain stuff. Congrats 🗣👏🏻👏🏻

Hey @AdamColePro .. I’m thankful for the opp to chat. I feel like the convo was something that doesn’t happen often anymore..2 people have a miscommunication, they talk about, can agree to disagree about some things & they move forward. How you doin? Keep it movin. #WWENXT 

Alright... I believe imma be on the mic on #WWENXT  for a match here in the next hour on USA Network. Send a screenshot of my sunburn and use #WWENXT .. Best caption of their screenshot, in @ConnrCampbell’s eyes, will win $500

How much was I supposed to take from this beta who is a MANIAC? Blows up on my show, breaks shit, pushes Ty. Then..I take time out of MY HONEYMOON, so we can hug it out. Then he LOSES HIS MIND AGAIN.. assaults me w/ a bottle & I’M THE 1 THAT GETS KICKED OUT? How’s that fair?

I kicked @AdamColePro’s head off of his body last night on #WWENXT . I didn’t want to do it, I HAD to do it. He ASSAULTED me with a bottle. Then I got physically kicked out of the building by @TripleH . Never thought this is how a honeymoon was supposed to go but BREAKING NEWS

Can’t be drinking 9 protein shakes a day and leaning on shit... just can’t do it


? ALL THE WAY IN on time travel at this point ?

ATTN EVERYONE 21+: I have a very important announcement. For every birdie that happens today at #TheMasters , will give someone FREE BEER FOR A YEAR. RT this tweet to enter for a chance to win FREE BEER. Let’s. Goooo. #BirdieLight  #Sweepstakes  #Naturdays 

This might be the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen a human do #?


Well hello beautiful people.. I woke up wanting to giveaway some $. If this tweet gets more than 10K retweets before #TheLastDance  begins tonight. I’ll give away $5,000 to random retweeters. Also.. feel free to help our mission to get to a MILLY~>

Hekker is incredible.. he just attempted a punt that folks only do in practice #RespectTheArt 

Good morning beautiful people... Here's a story about Troy Polamalu ruining my life ??.. Cheers

7 yrs ago, at this exact minute, I was sitting in solitary confinement thinking “You can’t be buying 100 shots of tequila on Tuesday’s Pat

The Chiefs parade is off to a WILD START