Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee

Hello beautiful people..I’m just trying to make the world smile a little bit more. People enjoy my podcast, I think you will too.. HAMMER the link below.

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"This is a brotherhood.. This is a family as much as I've been a part of in my time" - @jtuck9  on the #Ravens  #PatMcAfeeShowLIVE 

"It could be feeling nervous or scared or excited or confident or a combination of all of those things" - @jtuck9  on what is going through his mind before a kick #ForTheBrand  #PatMcAfeeShowLIVE 

"Singing in that style in 7 different languages is super common, it would probably be closer to 8" - @jtuck9  on his incredible opera skills #PatMcAfeeShowLIVE 

Washington signed WR Jordan Veasy to their practice squad after he worked out with Kaepernick#PatMcAfeeShowLIVE 

This video is doing well on our @YouTube  ~> All of the comments are asking “How many tries?” for the throw in the bucket How many do you think it took? Right answer enters into a hat, random selection from there for some MERCH from our store. Let’s GOOO


🗣 ALL THE WAY IN on time travel at this point 😂

This might be the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen a human do #🧐

ATTN EVERYONE 21+: I have a very important announcement. For every birdie that happens today at #TheMasters , will give someone FREE BEER FOR A YEAR. RT this tweet to enter for a chance to win FREE BEER. Let’s. Goooo. #BirdieLight  #Sweepstakes  #Naturdays 


Last time I allegedly did what I’m about to do I ended up in a jail cell 🗣LETS GOOO @CollegeGameDay 

Hekker is incredible.. he just attempted a punt that folks only do in practice #RespectTheArt 

Good morning beautiful people... Here's a story about Troy Polamalu ruining my life 😂😂.. Cheers

Playing catch with an eagle? Freedom boners flyin high boys

7 yrs ago, at this exact minute, I was sitting in solitary confinement thinking “You can’t be buying 100 shots of tequila on Tuesday’s Pat

The NFL needs a human like this... What an electric character rockin the stripes.