Donald Trump

BREAKING: An FBI search warrant shows Donald Trump is under criminal investigation for espionage and obstruction of justice, which is potentially punishable by imprisonment.

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Donald Trump

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Kwasi Kwarteng receives shortest email in recorded history:

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#ian making it’s way towards the west coast of Florida. It almost has that getting tugged look. Going to be a dangerous day so be ready!

Entirely self-inflicted wound, forcing the BoE to restart the printing presses to bail out pension funds which were falling over this morning.... .... because no one in financial markets liked the "mini Budget"

North Korea fires ballistic missile towards the Sea of Japan

BREAKING: @bankofengland : “ will carry out temp purchases of long-dated UK government bonds from 28 September. The purpose of these purchases will be to restore orderly market conditions.” “The purchases will be carried out on whatever scale is necessary to effect this outcome.”

Why is the @PFIOfficial  handle still active? #PFI  and 8 of its fronts are banned organisations now. @TwitterIndia  should go with the law of the land. #PFICrackdownCrackdown 

#BREAKING #TigraySatellite  images show the mobilisation this month of military forces in towns on either side of Ethiopia's northern border with Eritrea. (Maxar, Reuters)

The Federal Government has introduced its bill to establish a National Anti-Corruption Commission. Despite broad support, key crossbenchers are demanding changes around powers to hold public hearings. @pablovinales  Read More: #auspol