Owen Jones?

Owen Jones?

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and Nikki Sinclaire was a Member of the European Parliament, not Westminster

Why I proudly walked off the set after the massacre of dozens of LGBTQ people four years ago, and why @DouglasKMurray  should stop spreading things which are not true online.

For those asking for the full debate about "cancel culture" with Toby Young, here you go!

After suggesting "cancel culture" is a meaningless vague term being used to protect the powerful from criticism, I've been piled on by rightwing commentators all weekend. This is how my DMs and mentions look as a consequence. This is the real threat to free speech in Britain.

The chief menace to free speech comes from a far right which has already killed, which has beaten people up, myself included, and which is partly being radicalised by mainstream rightwing commentators. That's missing from the conversation because it's extremely inconvenient.

The 'cancel culture' war is really about old elites losing power in the social media age. Brilliant piece by @NesrineMalik  >>

@SandySmithers  Um, what? She said I tried to get someone fired for liking a tweet, "they didn't even post it themselves ". Actually it was a senior Oxford official who publicly declared that Sarkar had reaped what she had sowed after being subjected to a racist firestorm of death threats.

I have never claimed this and there is no evidence to support it, and neither have I deleted any tweet about it.

Delighted to announce my new book, THIS LAND, is out in September. It's about the rise and fall of the Corbyn movement based on dozens of interviews with leading figures: where it came from, what it was up against, where it went wrong. Pre-order here >>


Theresa May didn't publicly break down over Windrush, or Grenfell, or disabled people having their benefits cut, or children driven into poverty. In the end, she only publicly shed a tear over her own career.

The Spanish police are now beating up Catalan firefighters. This is an absolute shocker. #CatalanReferendum 

If they're doing this to journalists while cameras are trained on them, what are they doing to black protesters when no one is looking?

Boris Johnson described gay people as "bumboys", compared equal marriage to three men marrying a dog, discussed beating up a journalist with a criminal, called black people "piccaninnies" with "watermelon smiles", and was sacked twice for dishonesty. Where is the scrutiny?

The Sunday Times investigation into the government's catastrophic handling of the coronavirus is one of the most important things you've read. It's behind a paywall, so here's a thread with the key points. Make sure everyone sees it.

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Catalan firefighters defending voters from the Spanish police. Absolutely astonishing.

This really can't be tweeted enough. This is a work of art.

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When nearly a thousand people were dying a day in Italy, our media rightly portrayed it as a horror show, a national catastrophe. 938 people are reported dead in Britain in a 24 hour period, and most of media are telling us the good news that the government's strategy is working.

New Zealand stopped coronavirus in its tracks. Britain has the highest death toll in Europe. Don't let our government get away with it.