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When PEOPLE run out of ideas, they settle for VIOLENCE! UOGA hatutanunua! Importantly, DP William Samoei Ruto was in EMBAKASI earlier today (Sunday, 16/01/22) and THE PICTURES OF SUPPORT SPEAKS, louder than the STONES and VIOLENCE! Hustler Nation Strong! #RejectRailaOdinga 

I SALUTE YOU BONIFACE MAKOKHA. "Sikiza wewe, hatujakuua...lakini ukipiga nduru tutarudi tukumalize...." the lead Rogue Police Officer warned me. it was raining heavily as they drove off in TWO Double Cabins. A Black one and a white one. .....

I SALUTE YOU FOR YOUR FB POSTS, TWEETS & PRAYERS The day, 23rd December, 2021 started well. It was one of those rare days, that was easy and chilled. Then it was time to pay a few bills and also share Christmas with some people. I was in a celebrative mood.

Fractured but NOT Destroyed. Just BOLDER and more RadiCo.

Raila Odinga: I will be a dictator. I will jail my Opponents! If elected, I will jail has majamaa - Not the Judiciary! The rule of law gives the President no role in Jailing ANYONE, but if I am elected, forget Rule of Law, I will send them to KAMITI! #DictatorRaila 

Political goodwill is fine, but someone saying he will JAIL anyone if elected is the golden mark of a DICTATOR.

HNIB BREAKING: FLYING SQUAD at Kwacha Address. the office of @JimiWanjigi  - just days after he hinted he would fight for DEMOCRACY in ODM. " Na Sio ice ya mawe..."

The Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau (HNIB) agents are reporting that... DOZENS of Police Officers, drawn from a unit operating like the infamous Flying Squad is currently in the office of the ODM Presidential Candidate Jimmy Wanjigi ....IT IS SO DECLASSIFIED!

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Happy Birthday, @WilliamsRuto , this is the YEAR, #HustlerNation  will make you President, lazima nitume a glass of MILK, ukunywe asubuhi kabla ya kuelekea Tana River..ENJOY! #The5thAt55 

NO. 1. Senator @sidenn_nesly  admits MADOADOA has a CONTEXT in our ELECTIONS & even goes ahead to APOLOGIZE. Never mind he used it RIGHTLY 2. When & @RailaOdingamp ; u @F_Kimemiaed  the word they did NOT apologize & the Criminal Justice System did NOTHING! Double Standards!

DP William Ruto wewe ni Shujaa. " I will secure your Legacy, with the bottom-up approach,"

URGENT: BLOOD APPEAL Patient name:Leila Adan Hospital:Mp.shah Blood group:O negative 6pints needed Contact person: Astar 0721755934 Please Retweet for help

Police Officers at Wakili, Dr Khaminwa's office. Just a day after BBI case submissions at the Court of Appeal ....