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Noah Smith ?

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Here's my complete reading of the Omicron situation -- How scary it is, and what we need to do about it.

Lois McMaster Bujold has this amazing trick where she has her characters all start their stories with horrific traumas, then writes fairy-tale endings for all of them. The traumas make the fairy-tale endings seem deserved and meaningful instead of cheap or cheesy.

@davidfickling  @Matthew74810  @jasoncrawford1  @ironclancy60  @patrickcI  @tylercowenn  fact, I think the best definition for "technology " is just the Japanese word for it: 技術, which means skill/technique/craft. That's basically what technology is in the broadest sense: a replicable method of doing something.

Yes, some of them will be disbarred and sued, etc.

(This post is a modern version of my old "coronavirus tweets from the experts" threads from early in the pandemic!)

4 conclusions: Yes, Omicron is scary. No, it doesn't mean we're back to March 2020. Travel bans on African countries won't work. Variant-specific boosters WILL work, but we need the FDA to approve them and the CDC to recommend them, and we need more manufacturing capacity.

But no evidence it's less deadly, yet.


15 years ago, the internet was an escape from the real world. Now, the real world is an escape from the internet.

HOLY SHIT there are a lot of American companies doing pro-China censorship!!!

This about sums up the Republican party right now.

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The cool thing about cyberpunk coming true is that we got ALL the cyberpunk futures. China: universal surveillance and social control America: cool gadgets and staggering inequality Russia: shadowy plots, covert ops, and assasins Japan: Japan

Why did the L.A. school police have GRENADE LAUNCHERS?

We should permanently normalize wearing a mask when you have a cold or the flu, in order not to infect other people. Japanese people do it. Why not us?

I still cannot get over how absolutely and utterly terrifying this description of life in Xinjiang is. This isn't some hypothetical future sci-fi dystopia. This is today, right now.

Do people realize that immigration to the U.S. has dropped by half just since 2016?

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Japanese poor people do everything right - they get a job, avoid violence, don't do drugs, and don't have kids out of wedlock - and yet they're still poor. This suggests that poverty is NOT mainly caused by bad behavior.

One reason cats and rabbits tend to get along is that for cats, grooming others is a sign of high status, but for rabbits, being groomed is a sign of high status. Thus, each of these cuties is thinking "I'm the boss":