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Nick Offerman

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Great enactment of the word “rooting”

To paraphrase my dad, “I feel just as ignorant as I did when I was 49.”

It goes like this the 4th the 5th the minor falls the major lifts the baffled hosts composing Hot glue-ya @NBCHandmade  JUNE 3

I was sincerely honored to take part in today’s hearing, promoting vaccination at @EnergyCommerce  - let’s all do our part to take care of each other ♥️ US

Sorry, folks. There will be some crying. ⚾️

Looking forward to this doozy. US

Well, this looks just about nifty. I had an amazing time working on this HBO skit, coming next year. 🍄 @TheLastofUsHBO  @hbomax  #TheLastOfUs 


I'm headed to the Sundance#WomensMarch  - ur welcome 2 come feel the weight of my feminist balls in your tiny hand if it'll help

Our government has today reaffirmed their stance that they don’t give a shit about women. We men need to remain vocal af about the fact that we do indeed care about and recognize and respect you women and that we will continue to fight for decency for all Americans. #BelieveWomen 

@realDonaldTrump  NACHO u have taken a shit on our flag & our imperative separation of church & state. You suck at America.

You magnificent beauties. Fly the Mother Fucking W. @Cubs 

BREAKING. Um, no, you got shut down by a Shakespeare theater audience in a park. Pretty intense protest, little fella.

. NACHO heard u were booed by NYC - so sad, guy I am voting for Hillary today but I also floated one yer way bud. CALL ME

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