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Among the second-tier candidates who are struggling, Cory Booker strikes me as the one who is most undervalued and who would be a compelling general election nominee.

The only candidate I reacted badly to was Julian Castro and his taunting of Biden. It felt mean, gratuitous and factually wrong. Castro isn't mean, so it also felt inauthentic.

Giuliani Divorce: It’s Ugly, It’s Operatic. What Did You Expect? The Giulianis had six homes and 11 country club memberships, and spent $7,000 on fountain pens and $11,000 on cigars. Hm. Seems like a good argument for a wealth tax.

Interesting piece by my @nytimes  colleague @SangerNYT : "Trump Wants Big Diplomatic Wins. Here Are the Odds." I mostly agree but think there's a good chance of a China deal (one that doesn't solve underlying issues)

We columnists fulminate and pontificate but rarely have much actual impact. An exception: Bravo to @andrewrsorkin  for highlighting how business can make America safer from gun violence. He truly is having an impact, and it's the best kind of columnizing.

It's good to see the outrage at Jeffey Epstein. But there are thousands more Jeffrey Epsteins out there, and tens of thousands of victims. So here's how we can channel our anger to make a difference. My Sunday column, just posted:


Every 15 minutes in America, a baby is born after prenatal exposure to opioids. In West Virginia, 14% of babies are so exposed. They cry and writhe--a reminder of how badly our drug policy has failed, and how desperately we need new measures. My new column

Donald Trump "is intensely loyal...he will never let you down." --his third wife

An Arizona Senate candidate says he's pro-gun because he once fended off a gunman with a gun kept under his bed. Turns out the "attacker" was his mom, and he shot her dead; he was charged with murdering her and his sister, but not convicted.

Journalists know: When leaders go berserk, furiously denying there's anything going on, blaming others--that's when you're getting close.

This is infuriating: A woman stops on the road to help three young migrants, one a teenager who is desperately sick, and helps saves the teenager's life. Then the authorities arrest the woman for helping the migrants. Do we want to criminalize compassion?

In these painful times, here's a story that will make your heart sing. A homeless boy named Tani living in a shelter was just named New York State chess champion. He's a reminder that talent is universal even if opportunity is not.

When the KKK rejoices at an election outcome, how can the rest of us feel anything but immense sadness?