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Senators @RonWyden  and @amyklobuchar  have introduced legislation to crack down on catalytic converter thefts, which are epidemic, particularly on the West Coast. Cars are left unusable and requiring expensive replacement parts.

A retired Army major says he "was done with war" -- but then he was in the Colorado club that a shooter entered. So he jumped the 300-pound gunman and disabled him, then held him until police arrived. Police initially handcuffed him as a potential suspect.

Bao Tong, a top Chinese political figure who engineered reforms and was jailed after the 1989 Tiananmen crackdown, is dead at 90. Late in life, he was bluntly critical of Chinese repression. I had huge admiration for him. RIP, Bao Tong.

Public health has a ROI and impact that many hedge funds would envy. Yet we continue to focus on clinical health and leave scraps for public health.

Russia under Putin has a history in Chechnya, Syria and Ukraine of striking hospitals and clinics, to magnify the suffering of civilians. His latest: Russia last night shelled a maternity ward in Zaporizhia, killing a newborn baby.

@anwaribrahim , a longtime champion of democracy and modernization even as he was imprisoned in Malaysia on bogus charges, now appears set to become prime minister of that country. A remarkable comeback, good for Asia and the world.

Our newest @KristofFarms  newsletter went out today, discussing new ciders including a Pet Nat -- and noting that the bears have moved on since we harvested this year's apple crop. Yamhill bears have a sophisticated palate.

One of America's great shames is its high rate of child poverty. One of its great policy successes was the child tax credit that cut child poverty nearly in half -- and then ended. As @JasonDeParle  notes, that success drives an effort to restore it:


Hmm, Nikki Haley should examine poverty in America. She'd find that 3 million US kids live in "extreme poverty"--less than $2 per person/ day, the same standard for extreme poverty in Congo or S Sudan. Some US kids have worms and other parasites. Happy to take Haley to show her.

Saudi Arabia is not only starving Yemenis, but it is also barring journalists (including me) from getting to Yemen to document the hunger.

I just heard that Navajo Nation, which has done a heroic job wrestling the coronavirus to the ground, is now donating extra PPE to India. The Navajo have been a model of resolve in fighting the pandemic, and are now a model in supporting others worldwide who need help.

Remember Tani Adewumi, the Nigerian refugee kid I wrote about 2 years ago who won the NY State chess championship while in a homeless shelter? Now well housed (thanks to you readers!), he just won a championship and is officially a National Chess Master as a 10-yr-old 5th grader!

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I'm flabbergasted by the RNC insistence that Pres. Trump's handling of the pandemic is so brilliant and so successful. How can you say that with a straight face when the US has 4 percent of the world's population and 25 percent of the world's Covid deaths?

Clinton has the patient look of any woman listening to a man lecture her about things he doesn't know anything about.

I've spent the last few months reporting this piece about Pornhub. What most people don't realize is that it's infested with rape videos. I talked to child trafficking survivors whose rape videos the company had distributed and monetized. Unconscionable:

I've spent lots of time reporting in countries where winners do imprison losing candidates. Believe me, we don't want to go there.