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Of course I have . You’ll seeee

@niazempire  I’ve been through this 1000 times to help other people. Because we are famous faces and people see us online, on tv, in interviews etc.... doesn’t mean people can say what they want.

@Wheres1D  It bothers me because I know it hurts other people and that’s the frustrating part. Not everyone is as thick skinned. we are normal people that do an abnormal job in which society has put us in a differet category for some reason.

Probably because we’re on tv and somehow look untouchable ( probably because you can’t put your hand through the tv ) ????

@1dstan_ot5  @Wheres1DLet ’s not do the thing of Niall deserves better because I don’t deserve anything.. let’s just be nicer to eachother and spread the love and laughs . Xx

@horansderby  It’s not fun having surgery, I get ya. Hope you recover fast. I know that they get ya moving straight away after hip , so listen to the peeps.

I’m great !! Played golf this morning alone. Played a round in 2 hours and 15 mins

Amazing day @Chevron_Golf  watching our girls @leona_maguire  and @PiaBabnik  . Everyone needs to get down to Palm springs this weekend to watch this. @LPGA 

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It’s the 150 person crew of carpenters, lighting, riggers, sound, stage manager Mill that flew the globe with us. it’s our band, our security boys, tour managers, our managers, our label, Sarah cooking our food for us on the road. Today is a day to celebrate those guys also.

So Trump is now in a bunker ?? His country is struggling and he’s hiding in a bunker ?

#8YearsfOneDirection Wow! 8 years of amazing memories with the lads . Thank you so much for standing by us for all this time.

Yes.Don't let the papers or online stuff tell you we're not coming back.. We are , I'm just going on a long holiday

5 of the best years of our lives so far.. Thank you all so much for your incredible support .I hope you guys realise what you've done for us

Happy new year everyone !! Hope you all had a great night last night . Love you all ....

Finally we get to say this ! have waited a long time but our new single Drag Me Down is out !!!

Thinking of you and your family .love from my family to yours..

don't believe anything you are reading. We stand strong as a band and we're brothers ,can't wait for you to hear what we've been working on