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"It is incredibly challenging to be holding the hand of a patient when they take their very last breath because their loved ones can't be with them and then having to call their loved ones after to tell them they won't be coming home."

Today's #NewsyInTheLoop  headlines: A new record set for daily deaths, preparing for a vaccine 💉 and a new rule for emotional support animals 🐶

People close to the president are reportedly warning him against firing Barr.

President Trump will campaign in Georgia after criticizing the state's election system.

California may be heading towards strict stay-at-home orders for the whole state.

According to the Death Penalty Information Center, there is no precedent in American history for carrying out six executions during a transition period between presidencies.

Once the vaccines are here, how do we actually get them out to people? It won't be easy.

The New York Times found about 600 businesses, including powerful law firms and restaurants chains, received the maximum payment of $10,000,000.

Some elected officials who have come under intense scrutiny for appearing to break their own COVID-19 restrictions have since apologized.

UPS told its drivers to stop collecting package from six major retailers, including Nike, L.L. Bean, Macy's, Hot Topic and New Egg.


A former congressman says he won't pay back $84,000 in taxpayer money he used to settle a sexual harassment case despite promising to do so months ago.

Sen. John McCain is urging his colleagues to not accept the nomination of Gina Haspel to lead the CIA.

Students from Parkland, Florida, are going on a two-month bus tour to register young voters and advocate for gun reform.

This is the story of Mississippi farmer Ed Scott Jr. He was the first African American catfish plantation owner in the U.S. and fought against land robbery and discrimination to take back what was his. #BlackHistoryMonth 

Maryland's governor signed a bill into law Tuesday banning retail pet stores from selling puppies and kittens born in so-called #puppymills .

A judge upheld a ruling stating a Democratic member of the president's voter fraud commission has a right to see the group's materials.

It looks like House Republicans aren't done with tax reform yet.

One down, 49 to go; Delaware is the first state to outlaw child marriage completely.

Former President #BarackObama  will speak at an event in South Africa to mark what would have been #NelsonMandela 's 100th birthday.

Bernie Sanders wants Obama to permanently protect Standing Rock from the Dakota Access Pipeline.