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Mike Walker

Former acting SecArmy & deputy FEMA director narrative on analyzing threats, managing hazards, countering radicalization & developing leaders

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Ron DeSantis called for a special legislative session to block the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates

Veterans on Sen. Sinema’s advisory council quit, accusing her of being ‘one of the principal obstacles to progress’

Faced with Republic criticism, Attorney General Garland defends school board memo

Net-zero emissions fight breaks out before COP26 - Axios

Capitol Rioters in Jail’s ‘Patriot Wing’ Have Their Own Rituals and a Growing Fan Base

Analysis: U.S., allies toughen their tone on China ahead of G-20 summit

U.S. Intelligence Report Sounds New Climate Warning

NOAA's winter outlook calls for mostly mild conditions for much of the nation outside the Pacific Northwest and northern Rockies.

Supply chain: How Biden's infrastructure bill could help prevent the next crisis - CNN

BREAKING: Fed to ban policymakers from owning individual stocks, restrict trading following controversy


Why? Why would Trump do this? The flag dedicated to prisoners of war and service members missing in action has been removed from the roof of the White House. He has no shame

Twitter corporation, you can stop this. Trump is going to start a war. Twitter is no place to be carrying on diplomacy or making threats. History will record Twitter executives were complicit in encouraging violence. Shut down his account before he destroys this country

The Authoritarian Operation in Portland Is Only a Dress Rehearsal

Multiple doctors have told me “if you want to know the direction of the coronavirus, watch what the tech companies are doing.” Today we learn Google will keep its employees home until July 2021

Famed chef José Andrés promises doctors and nurses will eat free at his restaurants for a year

Homeland Security making plans to deploy some 150 agents in Chicago this week, with scope of duty unknown

The US has performed five coronavirus tests per million people, compared with South Korea's 3,692 tests per million people.