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Mike Walker

Former acting SecArmy & deputy FEMA director narrative on analyzing threats, managing hazards, countering radicalization & developing leaders

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‘We’re not in a good place’: Florida leading states in COVID-19 cases following spike

Republicans attempt to undermine and distract from first 1/6 select committee hearing

American Airlines warns about fuel shortages around the country, asks pilots to conserve

CDC to reverse indoor mask policy to recommend them for fully vaccinated people in Covid hot spots

U.S. consumer confidence holds steady at a 17-month high in July

GOP leaders say they have found the real culprit for Jan. 6: Nancy Pelosi, who was a target of the rioters

Robert Aaron Long, 22, of Georgia, pleaded guilty to murder in the deadly spa shootings in Atlanta in March.

Oregon Rep. Pleads Guilty to Allowing Violent Protesters Into State Capitol Through Backdoor

Simone Biles is still struggling with a mental block that gymnasts call “the twisties,” she wrote on Instagram. “Literally can not tell up from down,” she said. “It’s the craziest feeling ever. Not having an inch of control over your body.”


Facts Are Facts: Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick Would Be Alive Today Had Trump Not Lied About the Election

Twitter corporation, you can stop this. Trump is going to start a war. Twitter is no place to be carrying on diplomacy or making threats. History will record Twitter executives were complicit in encouraging violence. Shut down his account before he destroys this country

The Authoritarian Operation in Portland Is Only a Dress Rehearsal

Multiple doctors have told me “if you want to know the direction of the coronavirus, watch what the tech companies are doing.” Today we learn Google will keep its employees home until July 2021

Famed chef José Andrés promises doctors and nurses will eat free at his restaurants for a year

Homeland Security making plans to deploy some 150 agents in Chicago this week, with scope of duty unknown

The US has performed five coronavirus tests per million people, compared with South Korea's 3,692 tests per million people.