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Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, once a rising star in the Republican party, to resign from Congress after pleading guilty to using campaign cash for personal expenses

"This is surreal,” said Capt. Timothy F. Kinsella Jr., commanding officer of the Naval Air Station at Pensacola where a Saudi aviation trainee opened fire in a classroom building on Friday, killing three and injuring eight.

“All necessary work has been completed to declare Mexican Cartels terrorist organizations,” Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter, but said he was holding off at the request of the president of Mexico.

In the photo, which the State Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety released with the employees’ faces blurred, about 30 uniformed trainees pose with their right arms extended

“There is so much space between the people who cook up these policies and the classroom." A review of the Common Core national standards movement at age 10, as American academic performance is stagnant.

“People used to say, ‘If so-and-so becomes president, I’m moving to Canada.’ Well, no one did.” That may be changing.

A project to calculate the cost of raising roads in the Florida Keys shows that some places may not justify the vast expense, casting doubt on the future of those areas


3 black churches have burned in less than 2 weeks in one Louisiana parish. "There is clearly something happening in this community," said the state fire marshal.

When she was in sixth grade, Sandra Parks wrote an award-winning essay about gun violence and crime in her hometown, Milwaukee. On Monday, she was fatally shot when someone outside fired a gun at her home and a stray bullet went into her bedroom.

James Fields Jr., the white supremacist who murdered Heather Heyer in 2017 when he steered a car into a crowd of peaceful demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia, was sentenced Friday to life in federal prison

In the 5 years since Noah Pozner was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, death threats and online harassment have forced his parents to relocate 7 times. “I would love to go see my son’s grave and I don’t get to do that," his mom said.

Protesters march up Seventh Avenue in New York City, following the grand jury decision in Ferguson.

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“It’s inhuman to take a baby from its parents,” says the mother of a detained 1-year-old who has not seen his parents in days. Separating parents from children could become a regular policy under an administration proposal meant to deter border crossings.

President Trump’s inauguration fund collected $500,000 from two private prison companies that house detained migrant families

Cyntoia Brown, 30, is serving a life sentence in Nashville for murdering a man who had hired her for sex when she was a teenager. Her supporters say she deserves clemency as a child trafficking victim.

The discovery offers a window into little-remembered period in which blacks in certain Southern states were essentially treated like slaves post-emancipation.