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In Florida, a new ban on abortion came into effect on Friday, whereas in California, lawmakers are preparing to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to protect reproductive rights.

Safety anxieties are fueling a multibillion-dollar industry of school security products. Manufacturers sell gun-detection scanners, wireless panic buttons and cameras and software that can track students' locations and monitor their online activities.

‘Do you feel safe? You shouldn’t.’ And despite a federal effort to crack down on violent threats against election officials, many of them still don’t. The reasons are complicated.

“People are amazed by our resiliency, and they equate that to this being easy. It’s not.” A year after the Surfside condo collapse, the lives of those who lost loved ones and homes have never been the same.

After a prescribed burn got out of control in northern New Mexico, experts worry that backlash against the practice will produce even more colossal blazes in areas with overgrown vegetation.

Some politicians are accusing the Biden administration of ferrying migrants on clandestine “ghost flights” to their cities, but the planes carrying children who cross the border have been operating for decades.

A Biden administration policy that prioritized the arrest of undocumented immigrants who are considered a threat to public safety and national security has been suspended as of Saturday, rendering millions of people vulnerable to deportation.

The Illinois governor’s race is on track to become the most expensive campaign for a nonpresidential office in U.S. history. Chicago billionaire Ken Griffin gave $50 million in the GOP primary alone to a moderate running against a far-right state senator.

School districts around the U.S. are spending billions on high-tech systems meant to help stop shootings. But there is little evidence to suggest they reduce harm.


When she was in sixth grade, Sandra Parks wrote an award-winning essay about gun violence and crime in her hometown, Milwaukee. On Monday, she was fatally shot when someone outside fired a gun at her home and a stray bullet went into her bedroom.

In the 5 years since Noah Pozner was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, death threats and online harassment have forced his parents to relocate 7 times. “I would love to go see my son’s grave and I don’t get to do that," his mom said.

President Trump’s inauguration fund collected $500,000 from two private prison companies that house detained migrant families

3 black churches have burned in less than 2 weeks in one Louisiana parish. "There is clearly something happening in this community," said the state fire marshal.

The discovery offers a window into little-remembered period in which blacks in certain Southern states were essentially treated like slaves post-emancipation.

This SEAL sniper was repeatedly decorated for valor over eight deployments. But after the last tour, he was arrested for war crimes.

RT @NickAtNews  Rodney Reed is scheduled to be executed by Texas on Nov. 20. @innocence  and a host of celebrities are trying to stop it. Here's the new evidence, and what you need to know:

Micheal Brown, now choosing among elite universities like Harvard, Yale and Stanford, said he hoped to one day become a lawyer, perhaps a public defender.

In Alabama, a man known as a prisoner's rights advocate is facing death row. But he didn't kill anyone.

“It takes your breath away. The amount of knowledge they held, and connection to our past." The virus has killed Native American elders at particularly high rates, robbing tribes of precious bonds of language and tradition.