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@MorningEdition, @UpFirst; #Jacksonland: Coming 1/14/20: Imperfect Union: John Fremont, Jessie Fremont, and the Identity of America

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H.W. Brands, one hell of a writer, on Imperfect Union: “The bastard son of a French immigrant and his adulterous paramour, Frémont had clawed his way out of obscurity by attaching himself to powerful men. And to one woman... even more ambitious than he.”

“Trump’s claim to fame, of course, is his real estate empire. But for John and Jessie Fremont, it was their role in creating a literal empire.” @jimbraude  @wgbh  @GreaterBoston 

Will be with you on Saturday at 10am ET as the president’s lawyers begin his defense. With his client accused of seeking foreign influence in a US election, lawyer Jay Sekulow says he’ll be answering Democratic charges and also changing the subject to the Steele dossier. @NPR 

H.W. Brands: “Jessie Benton’s father had hoped for a boy.” To gain political influence like her father’s, “she would have to be crafty, for where her father could browbeat or occasionally shoot opponents, women were expected to be more demure.”

Questioning White House Spokesman Steven Groves about the White House lawyers’ planned defense, @nprscottsimon  cheerfully asks, “Why don’t they just tell us the truth?”

“If anything, the chaplain was pleading with senators to do the exact opposite of what we all know they are doing.”

Thanks for asking. @NPR  exists to tell the truth. Citizens support NPR to inform themselves and all citizens. We ask real questions, which many officials welcome, though some walk away. Through staff, you agreed to an NPR interview in 2016. You haven’t done it yet. Are you ready?

“Tell me how you dance to it, ‘cause all I do is sob.” @lourdesgnavarro  has a lovely and inspiring talk with @selenagomez  on @NPRWeekend :


A journalist is a citizen. Who informs other citizens, as free citizens need. Some are killed doing it. I'm grateful to many who inform me.

Wow. "Carrier is using the $16.5m investment in the Indiana plant to automate it, which will lead to more layoffs."

$12 per month for a checking account? Some math: If you have $1,000 in the account, $12 is 1.2% of it—per month. Multiply by 12 months: people without much money are charged an annual rate of 14.4% for the bank to hold their money and process checks.

“The father said, ‘Can I comfort my child? Can I hold him for a few minutes?’ The officer said, ‘You must let them go [or] I will write you up for an altercation, which will mean that you are the one that had the additional charges charged against you.’”

Hiring a British agent to examine a candidate’s ties to Russia isn’t “colluding with Russia.” But coordinating info ops w Russia would be.

About 5:40am, Fox put a tweet on the screen for discussion. The Twitter handle is "T" followed by 8 numbers. No name or bio. An apparently random photo. Three followers. Joined October 2019, already tweeted hundreds of times. Now generating man-on-the-street quotes for TV.

The first four paragraphs of this are jaw-dropping. Never mind Benghazi after all!

It should not pass unnoticed that it is now a news headline when presidential adviser, after being repeatedly pressed, admits an obvious fact.