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"How much is a mother worth?" In her new book, Mothercoin, @elizcummins  takes an intimate look at the lives of immigrant nannies in Houston -- and how their work affects their relationships with their own families. (Interview via @dibamohtasham )

👩🏾‍🎓 NEW EP ALERT 👨🏿‍🎓 School District 28 in Queens has a Northside and a Southside. To put it simply, the Southside is Black and the North is...less so. But it wasn't always like this. On this ep: how the Southside became the Southside 🗺️

Y'all we are beyond excited to be welcoming a new co-host to the Code Switch team! @aparkusfarce  is brilliant, hilarious, thoughtful, and about to bring you all some *really* great stories. Get hype!!!

It's Friday, and you know what that means! A new episode of School Colors just dropped in your feeds 🎒 Today, @GriffithMW  and @maxfreedperson  are asking: If diversity isn't the main priority for certain parents...what exactly do they want?

This week on the pod, @alyssajperry  takes us to Mexico to meet a man who was deported there — despite having been adopted as a baby by U.S. citizens. And we take a look at the bizarre and complex legal landscape that makes cases like these possible

This week on the pod... We are just a *tiny bit* excited to introduce you to our amazing new co-host, B.A. Parker (AKA @aparkusfarce ). Gene and Parker chat about who she is, what drew her to the race beat & her encyclopedic knowledge of Oscars trivia 🏆

NEW EP ALERT And this week, it's a double hitter — all about language. First, we're asking: How do you talk about your gender identity in a language you can’t speak that well? A language where the pronouns for “he” and “she” sound the same? Then...

In the second story of the episode, we follow a family who was given the advice not to speak their heritage language — Japanese — at home. But decades later, they learned that that advice had been misguided. These stories were reported by the great @elenaneale17  and @izzyabloom 

Oh, and your phenomenal host for the week is @RadioMirage  , since language is one of her favorite topics. By the way, while you're at it — check out this episode of @NPRLifeKit  that Shereen reported about how to learn your heritage language

Last year we launched our fellowships in effort to develop experienced journalists, interested in telling thoughtful + nuanced stories about race & identity. We've extended the application deadline to: September 30, 2022! Click the link below to apply:


In the midst of protests and uprisings, there is often a loud call to denounce riots and looting. But in her new book, author Vicky Osterweil argues that looting is a strategic resistance tactic that has been used for centuries to fight injustice.

“Every single county in which blacks make up more than 75 percent of registered voters will see their driver license office closed. Every one.”

"[L]et’s face it: I probably would’ve been safe on the street that one night in New York. And Thabo wasn’t. And I was safe on the court that one night in Utah. And Russell wasn’t." ~

***AHEM*** We are hiring! Looking for two talented journalists to join our team -- a producer and an assistant editor. Think that could be you? (We hope so.) Apply here ⬇️

?NEW EP ALERT? "I will defer judgment on whether or not this is going to be the moment that everyone will suddenly understand what's going on with black communities and policing... After Ferguson, it's hard to hold your breath." @JamilSmith 

?NEW EP ALERT? The largest public university system in the country just announced a new requirement: Students must take an ethnic studies or social justice course. But ethnic studies might not exist if not for students who took a stand 50 years ago.

?NEW EPISODE? If reparations for slavery ever were to happen, the government would be forced to answer a controversial question: Who gets them? How we answer that question has a lot to do with who we think of as black in the U.S. ?listen here?