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WATCH: @HallieJackson  previews what to expect tonight as President Trump and Joe Biden face off in their second and final debate. We'll have much more tonight on @NBCNightlyNews .

10 minutes until @NBCNightlyNews  is live for most of our viewers in the Eastern and Central time zones...

In today's episode of #NightlyKids : > @LesterHoltNBC  explains what it means to be the president of the United States. > @catiebeck11  introduces us to kids who are sending postcards to help encourage people to vote, and more!

NEW: FDA approves remdesivir to treat Covid-19, making it the first and only drug so far to have received federal approval for the coronavirus.

National security officials say Iran and Russia hacked U.S. voter registration data -- @PeteWilliamsNBC  reports.


Chemical attack massacre kills, injures 100s of people in Syria. @RichardEngel  reports. WARNING: Disturbing images.

JUST IN: In letter to Pres. Trump, a mass resignation from the presidential arts and humanities committee.

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Post-Charlottesville covers of The Economist, The New Yorker and TIME.

When a student brought a shotgun to his Oregon high school earlier this year, Coach Keanon Lowe wrestled the gun away and then, in a remarkable moment, embraced him. @SamNBCBayArea  reports.

WATCH: After growing up homeless, this boy is over the moon for his new bed.

Pres. Trump has used Twitter to share news report on London incident. We aren't relaying president's retweet, as the info is unconfirmed.

BREAKING: Houston officials calling for public with boats and high-water vehicles to assist with rescues, if possible: 713-881-3100.

BREAKING: “We are dying here … we are going to see something close to a genocide" if we don't get more help, San Juan mayor says.