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Qatari official puts the number of World Cup worker deaths “between 400 and 500," a drastically higher number than any other previously offered by Doha, the AP reports.

A cancer surgeon at a hospital in Ukraine was in the middle of a complicated, dangerous surgery when he heard explosions nearby. Moments later, the lights went out and he had no choice but to keep working with only a headlamp for light.

On LGBTQ rights, South Korea is an outlier among the world’s wealthy democracies. South Korean law provides no protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity and same-sex marriage and civil unions are illegal.

Russia has "unilaterally postponed" nuclear arms control negotiations with the U.S. that were to be held in Cairo this week, a State Dept. spokesperson says.

China is accelerating efforts to vaccinate older people against the coronavirus, health officials say, as security personnel came out in force to deter further demonstrations against strict “zero-Covid” controls.

Singapore’s parliament has decriminalized sex between men, but, in a blow to the LGBTQ community, also amended the constitution to prevent court challenges that in other countries have led to the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Three African migrants who were balancing on a ship's rudder were rescued by the Spanish coastguard after an 11-day voyage, according to officials.

Covid-related demonstrations have occurred in 21 of China's 34 regions this year.

People in the Chinese manufacturing hub of Guangzhou clash with white hazmat-suited riot police, online videos show, the latest in a string of protests that escalated over the weekend over stringent Covid-19 lockdowns.


Millions tune in as K-pop stars BTS address UN gathering.

BREAKING: Kurdish SDF: 3 ISIS suicide bombings on our military positions in Raqqa, Syria, with clashes still ongoing.

The US on Wednesday formally left the Paris Agreement, a global pact forged five years ago to avert the threat of catastrophic climate change.

Thousands of people marched in Argentina to call for former President Cristina Fernandez to be stripped of her congressional immunity as a corruption investigation is launched.

Widespread abuses against civilians in the western part of Ethiopia’s embattled Tigray region amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have charged in a new report.

Tear gas has joined the flavors at a Hong Kong gelato shop to recognize the pro-democracy movement in the semi-autonomous region of China.

Kyiv woke Saturday after a night of explosions and gun battles in the streets to find the Ukrainian government was still in control of the capital.

President Trump suggests he has seen evidence that the coronavirus was created in a Wuhan lab, hours after the DNI said in a statement that the virus was "not manmade or genetically modified."

NEW: In update to World Economic Outlook released Tuesday, IMF forecasts a sharp and sustained downturn because of coronavirus pandemic. “It is very likely that this year the global economy will experience its worst recession since the Great Depression."

NEW: Istanbul’s iconic Hagia Sophia will be converted from a world-famous museum back into a mosque, a Turkish court ruled Friday.