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BIDEN ADMINISTRATION | FIRST PRESS CONFERENCE In her first remarks, Jen Psaki, the new White House Press Secretary, announces that Biden's first foreign leader call will be with Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau on Friday. Other allied leaders will follow.

Shipments to China helped Japan's exports rise for the first time in two years in December, but still paled in comparison to Taiwan and South Korea's double-digit gains.

China's public and private sectors are set to spend $1.6 trillion through 2025 to develop next-generation infrastructure.

Japan's Suga plans to visit Washington in February and speak with Joe Biden by phone as early as this month.

Good morning, Asia. This was our most read story while you were sleeping.

Dentsu joins other Japanese companies in reevaluating what to do with their Tokyo headquarters as COVID shifts workplaces.

Future Group was cleared to sell its retail assets for $3.4 billion to Reliance Industries, amid Amazon's allegations that Future breached pre-existing contracts.

Tencent has been testing WeChat mini shop, an app function that allows entrepreneurs and companies to easily set up an online store, since last summer.


MOST READ OF THE WEEK | THE NAGORNO-KARABAKH EXCLUSIVE In an exclusive interview with Nikkei from Baku, the Azerbaijan president talks war, peace and pipelines.

BREAKING | THAILAND EMERGENCY - The government has ordered a ban on gatherings of five or more in Bangkok - Authorities can ban people from entering any area they designate - Media gag also in place More in our Blog: #WhatIsHappeningInThailand 

BREAKING | Japan PM declares COVID state of emergency targeting Tokyo nightlife #Tokyo  #StateOfEmergency  #緊急事態宣言

The Thai king's almost permanent residence in Bavaria continues to create a stir in Germany, where the government's position on the matter "will depend on developments in #Thailand ."