MotoGP™ ?

MotoGP™ ?

First on the throttle, last on the brakes.

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Supreme skill in horrendous conditions, all with the #MotoGP  championship at stake! 👏 We'll never forget the duel between @AndreaDovizioso  and @marcmarquez93  at Motegi two years ago! ⚔️ #JapaneseGP 

Last lap, last corner, last on the brakes! ✊ The #ThaiGP  goes down to the final metres once again! 🏁 #MotoGP 

We like to think we know a fair bit about speed, but today our jaws are pretty much on the floor... Congratulations@EliudKipchoge  on an all-time great achievement! #Eliud159 

Rewind and relive what happened last weekend in Buriram 🔥 #MotoGP  | #ThaiGP  🎥

The second part of all the unseen footage from the #ThaiGP  Sit back and enjoy all the emotion that you haven't seen! 🙌 #MotoGP 

Chapter 15: Super 🎱 Relive the thrill and fury of the fifteenth round of the 2019 #MotoGP  World Championship at Thailand 🔥 #ThaiGP  #8ball 

A week ago at the #ThaiGP  ... @marcmarquez93  was crowned 👑 as the 2019 World Champion 🏆 #8ball  🎱

Another last lap thriller? 🙌 It's time for the #JapaneseGP !

Save of the century? 😱😱😱 We still don't know how @alexmarquez73  managed to save that! 🙈 #JapaneseGP 


"The nicest man in Grand Prix racing" Thanks for the memories, Nicky. #RideOnKentuckyKid 

We have no words for this! 😱😱😱😱😱😱 What a save by @ODEND44L  👏👏👏 #CzechGP 

Sometimes, you just got to SEND IT! 🚀 @JakubKornfeil84  goes BIG in the craziest save in #Moto3  history! #FrenchGP 

👏 @marcmarquez93  sinks the #8ball  A celebration befitting the 8-time World Champion! 🥇 #ThaiGP 

Unbelievable scenes in #Moto3 ! Nearly half the field down in one turn! #FrenchGP 

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We have a winner! 🏆 THIS is the best save @marcmarquez93  has EVER done 👏 #MalaysianGP 

What a heroic effort from Zarco as he pushes his bike over the line!💪 He still finished in the points 👏