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The Trump administration wasted no time proving what was clear from the get-go: that its support of a major public lands bill was nothing more than pre-election greenwashing for President Donald Trump and two Senate allies.

How Twitter's disappearing Fleets could be a disinformation disaster

"We’re almost encouraging the virus by bringing people together," @CSFCoachTaylor  told the New York Times. "I’d rather be fatigued than freaking dead.”

"Do not tell the rain to 'go away.' Do not ask it to 'come again another day.' The world doesn’t revolve around you." A very unusual yet insightful post from @bendreyfuss :

“We need success stories in the conservation world. This is not an easy time to work with wildlife.” Endangered Vancouver Island marmots are making a comeback:

New polls show Mike Pence will never be president as long as the Trumps are around

The White House just unveiled their new Christmas decorations. Remember when @FLOTUS  said, “Who gives a f*ck about Christmas stuff and decoration”? Let's roll the tape…

Mark Halperin—the disgraced pundit who lost his MSNBC political analyst job, Showtime hosting gig, book deal, and miniseries deal when 14 women accused him of unwanted sexual advances and groping in October 2017—has resurfaced:

A protest medic has filed a complaint about Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal team: “I believe they are harassing witnesses including myself.”


Some protesters, news crews, and medics in Minneapolis found themselves stranded after recent protests: The tires of their cars had been slashed. Many assumed protesters were to blame. But videos reveal a different culprit: the police.

Yazmin Juárez, whose 19-month-old daughter died weeks after being released from ICE detainment in 2018, testified before Congress today, describing the mistreatment she faced while seeking asylum. Her testimony, at times, brought @Ocasio2018  to tears.

Holy crap. @RepSwalwell  just went on the House floor and listed numerous racist statements made by President Donald Trump. Republicans were NOT happy.

@StarTribune  . identified these officers as state troopers and deputies from Anoka County Sheriff's office. They were following directions to puncture tires from the state-led command center. Read more:

Amy Coney Barrett is a member of People of Praise, a charismatic covenant community in South Bend, Indiana known for the submissive role played by women, some of whom were called “handmaids”—at least until the Handmaid’s Tale aired in 2017.

A Texas sheriff threatened this woman for having a “F**K TRUMP” bumper sticker. Her new sticker says F**k the sheriff.

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A Florida massage parlor owner has been selling Chinese execs access to Trump at Mar-a-Lago

Mike Bloomberg is WAY richer than people realize. Bloomberg's so rich that it’s nearly impossible to conceptualize just how much money he has. So we made an animation to help.

The Trump campaign is accused of laundering $170 million