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We’re beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccines are working, cases are declining. But actually, the US is now in a situation remarkably similar to where we were exactly a year ago. Experts warn that now is not the time to let up.

Biden nominates three to USPS board, threatening DeJoy

After record turnout in 2020, Republican-controlled states appear to be in a race to the bottom to see who can pass the most egregious new barriers to voting.

Climate-fueled infrastructure disasters like the one still unfolding in Texas are coming for us all.

Stable one-shot vaccine deemed safe and effective

Slaughterhouses have emerged as major vectors for spreading the coronavirus into surrounding communities. Yet the corporations that dominate the industry have been allowed to continue operating at full capacity without heightened worker-safety regulation.

Four states propose harsh new penalties for climate protesters

Less than a day after we reported about a Georgia town where the state took away the largest medical provider’s vaccines as punishment for vaccinating teachers, the town got its vaccines back.

The real threat to women's sports isn't trans athletes. It's sexually predatory coaches.

“Humanity is waging war on nature. This is senseless and suicidal. The consequences of our recklessness are already apparent in human suffering, towering economic losses, and the accelerating erosion of life on Earth.” @antonioguterres 


Some protesters, news crews, and medics in Minneapolis found themselves stranded after recent protests: The tires of their cars had been slashed. Many assumed protesters were to blame. But videos reveal a different culprit: the police.

SCOOP: In a pre-election video just uncovered by Mother Jones, Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene is seen endorsing political violence. “The only way you get your freedoms back is it’s earned with the price of blood," she says. More here:

Yazmin Juárez, whose 19-month-old daughter died weeks after being released from ICE detainment in 2018, testified before Congress today, describing the mistreatment she faced while seeking asylum. Her testimony, at times, brought @Ocasio2018  to tears.

Holy crap. @RepSwalwell  just went on the House floor and listed numerous racist statements made by President Donald Trump. Republicans were NOT happy.

@StarTribune  . identified these officers as state troopers and deputies from Anoka County Sheriff's office. They were following directions to puncture tires from the state-led command center. Read more:

Today I learned: The Former Presidents Act—which guarantees former presidents a pension, access to health insurance, office space and staff, and Secret Service protection—covers all former presidents, unless you're removed by impeachment.

A Texas sheriff threatened this woman for having a “F**K TRUMP” bumper sticker. Her new sticker says F**k the sheriff.

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A Florida massage parlor owner has been selling Chinese execs access to Trump at Mar-a-Lago

Amy Coney Barrett is a member of People of Praise, a charismatic covenant community in South Bend, Indiana known for the submissive role played by women, some of whom were called “handmaids”—at least until the Handmaid’s Tale aired in 2017.