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White Supremacists, Systemic Racism coded hidden in a veil of secrecy the Constitution carefully crafted convoluted laws make it impossible to see, but you can feel it, don't ignore it wake up dig deep start here with letters framers wrote to each other

Lizards communicate by doing push-ups. snapple facts

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What's up, Twitter world! This is M LeMont, last name M LeMont the host of The Retweet Train Show AFTER DARK. I hope everyone is enjoying the show tonight. All Aboard!!! Don't Miss This Party Train!

MONDAY IS NATIONAL RETWEETERS DAY! HAVE YOUR PINNED TWEETS READY! Roswell, New Mexico... I have been there too many times I hope the Aliens don't get you!!! Aww yes, the Aliens. 😂 🤣 via *EaEalil

Ohh Dear ... 🙄 RT *shillman1 This is friggin' hilarious!!! 😅

The Devil We Know. So many crimes maybe they don't know where to begin. I know, let's begin at the very beginning.


For the times you feel like you're about to explode. You are not alone; one out of every four people will suffer from some traumatic event in their lifetime. #Depression  #PTSD  #Trauma  #dysfunctional  #family  #abuse  #booklovers  #bookclubs 

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RT "One day, a yellow bellied sapsucker hitched a ride in Chicago" I'll go where ever you take me.

Two years old, maybe 3? Teach them early how to think, reason, persevere, and make the right decisions.

One wave. One word. Wow! GiF via *i_iove_nature

AS FATE WOULD HAVE IT "Hoping all my friends in Hong Kong are safe.... And all who have been affected by the terrifying typhoon. RT *The_JamesJordan This pilot needs a medal or something. True hero saving everyone."

This is Incredible!!!! Believe me, you want to watch this!! Turn the volume up UP some more okay Keep right there. Dramatic whale rescue — and the whale spent an hour thanking them in the most beautiful way! Via *dodo

There was never any doubt i knew i could do it. i knew i could fly... BELIEVE and you can do anything. #IndependentBookstoreDay  #IndieBookstoreDay  #Nature  Gif via follow

This video is not funny! It's sad. Let's get this fucking idiot off the streets MT *w_terrence This man hit 2 women in the stomach & and the old lady fell down a few seconds later & could have had a heart attack. RETWEET so police can find this crazy man!

KTbj1Az9TJ 2 years old, maybe 3? Train them early how to think, reason, persevere and make the right decisions. RT *L0vingnature and *HAPPYsDANCE