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Louise Milligan

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@JaneCaro  It’s always surprising to see how many creeps there are out there - even if some are generated by bot farms - the very idea of bot farms is 👀. Congratulations on the book. Go you!

Good on you, Grace. You are a warrior. ❤️

Paul McCartney’s knitwear game in Get Back is making me so inexplicably happy. Nice use of lemon. Not to mention The Beatles’ sublime music and Billy Preston’s infectious smile.

Genuine question: Given drastic shortage of workers in many industries, concerns about supply chains, etc, why not allow the refugees detained in hotels for years on end to live in the community and work?

To clarify to people suggesting that I am asking about some sort of forced labour situation (seriously?!) that’s not at all what I am asking about. I mean giving refugees the opportunity to live in the community and work of their own free will like any other person in Australia.

@TheDSingularity  I am not talking about exploitation. That is an alarming proposition. I am talking about freedom and they can choose what work they want to/are qualified to do. Which is pretty much what they have been asking for since they tried to come here in the first place.

@Judith96812315  @MONIQUEABROADI  know - I have spoken to many people in those hotels. I am not saying they have to work in unskilled jobs. There ar many jobs in the economy right now where there are shortages.

@Fredthedagg  All I am proposing is they are released with the right to work. Nothing more. The interpretation that this is somehow slave labour is an offensive distortion. As if I would, in a million years, ever suggest such a thing. This website is cooked.

Children driving forklifts. ☠️🐈?

@Fredthedagg  @AlexMcleod8888Well  just that people jump to an extreme interpretation, and it is exhausting. Having said that, there are also some very interesting people to engage with and conversations to be had. I keep trying to engage in good faith.


Christian Porter has discontinued his case. The ABC will pay him no damages. I stand by my journalism & proud to work @4corners  & grateful to the ABC & our brilliant legal team for supporting public interest journalism. Thanks, everyone, for your support.

“Why don’t other women come forward?” Take a look at what is being done to a woman who lies in her grave.

ABC statement just now on that utterly misleading press conference.

It’s surprising when journalists (or news presenters) seem to think an anti-corruption commission is a pesky irritation ruining everything. Or calling for enforcement of parliamentary disclosure rules - preventing corruption/bought favours - is mob rule. @barriecassidy  spot on.

Mr Porter proposed a settlement first.

BREAKING:Want to know why our @4corners  story in public interest? Want to know why women silenced? Here’s why: @RachelleJMiller  due to start new job w Defence contractor today. She arrived & they said they “need more time to consider” her contract given media appearance. #auspol 

#Auspol Clarification: NSW police didn’t “end” their investigation. The investigation never began. Complainant never made statement. When I inquired, they were very interested to know if I knew of other complainants against #CabinetMinister . My answer: “Not in your jurisdiction”.

We are still absolutely committed to the 27 redacted pages being in the public domain. I am sure our colleagues in the media are too. We stand by the truth and the excellent witnesses who came forward and were prepared to put themselves on the line.

Rosie Batty to @TamePunk  31/1 ‘I dearly hope you won’t have to deal with the kind of abuse I had, but I fear you will. At first, everyone is delighted for you but as your messages gain impact.., the backlash grows & directs back towards you with ugliness you can never anticipate’

Bursting The Canberra Bubble. My story, tomorrow night.