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Latest Scoops

Trump was briefed on the details of Russian election hacking on January 6th.

He tweeted this the NEXT DAY.
Russia attacked American elections to help REPUBLICANS.

Intelligence officials are screaming that more attacks are imminent.

Today, Republicans REFUSED TO FUND BASIC ELECTION SECURITY.https://t.co/D6x15BqSTM
“In the 15 years since electronic voting machines were first adopted, computer scientists have shown nearly every make and model to be vulnerable to hacking.”

Just before the election Trump said "You're going to end up in World War III over Syria if we elect Hillary Clinton."

Then he said it about North Korea.

Now he says it about giving in to Putin.

It's not only a LIE, it's an old Soviet propaganda tactic. https://t.co/rJZcMbwwfD
So the current White House position is:

Russia DID attack American democracy but the Russia investigation is a "witch hunt" which is why Trump believes Putin that it never happened even though he believes his intelligence people despite the fact that it's all just fake news.
Not one single elected Republican in Washington has pledged to do ANYTHING about Trump’s open betrayal of America today.

This is one hell of a closing statement by a major American newspaper.

Which President looks like a person standing up to a bully and which one looks like a child about to be punished?
@PeterAlexanderIt was - literally - the opposite of that.

Russia stole the identities of 500,000 Americans and hacked into voting verification software.

Trump then sided with RUSSIA over US citizens.

This is treason.
Trump criticizes athletes kneeling for the anthem then proceeds to kneel for a Russian dictator.
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