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My point is, the bomber is not being protected from the massive resources garnered against the word "terrorist" because we "aren't sure yet" what his motivations were.

He's being protected from that label because he was white.
Let me get this straight,

A suicide bomber murdered people then blew himself up but they're not calling him a "terrorist" because he's white?
The pro-gun argument is based on either ignorance or madness. I'll summarize:

1. The idea of home protection is more powerful than the endless FACTS showing guns make homes MUCH MORE dangerous.

2. Hunting as a sport is more important than the death of your child.
Someday when this period of US history is studied, when they ask “Were there any signs that the civilization was in decay?”

there’s going to be one simple, shocking answer:

That children were murdered and they did NOTHING.
“Jim Carrey’s painting is offensive,” say people who voted for this man:
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OK Twitter, settle a bet.

What cover song is better than the original?
I just used a semicolon in a text message and thought, This is why I’m no good at parties.
Fox News is state propaganda.
Fox News is state propaganda.
Fox News is state propaganda.
Fox News is state propaganda.
Fox News is state propaganda.
Fox News is state propaganda.

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REPUBLICANS: Free speech is the most important issue in contemporary America.

[students across the nation protest Republican capitulation to the gun lobby]

REPUBLICANS: These kids must be silenced.
I’d like to report a murder.
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