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Sha la la la la, man.

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Every single election Republicans run on racism then give money to the rich.

That’s the whole playbook.
Voter fraud is a myth.

There were 31 cases out of a BILLION ballots cast from 2000-2014.



That’s it. Nothing real. Nothing but a lie to stop (mostly black) people from voting.
What if, and here me out on this, we just let every citizen vote and each vote had equal power?
The President’s lawyer testified that the President directed him to commit a felony.

The New York Times uncovered hundreds of millions of dollars in tax fraud committed by the Trump family.

Republicans have done NOTHING to stop it.

They all must go down.
Leonard Cohen dissing Kanye West from the grave for being a harbinger of “bullshit culture” is my sexuality.

Never forget.

My President was right about Kanye.
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@jaketapperThis is bad journalism. This kind of context-Free political scorekeeping normalizes corruption and the erosion of basic oversight.

The NYT revealed that Trump is guilty of MASSIVE tax fraud this week but bc he’s taking credit for Obama’s economy you call it a “winning streak.”
Here’s a brief checklist for when Democrats have unified power again:

✅ Add two justices to the Supreme Court

✅ Medicare for all

✅ Impeach Kavanaugh.

✅ LIMIT the power of the Presidency

✅ Add 2 states (DC & Puerto Rico)

✅ Automatic voter registration in all 52 states.
In her insanely tone-deaf speech, one of the many lies Collins told was that Kavanaugh had the highest endrorsement of the American Bar Association.

She didn't mention that the ABA reopened their investigation of him.

He literally might get disbarred.
This is why survivors don't come forward. This speech right here. This horrible moment when this horrible woman gives every presumption of innocence to the attacker and the harshest prosecutorial view of the victim, as she is the one with the incentive to lie.

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