Mike Prada. (PRAY-du

Mike Prada. (PRAY-du

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Giannis is obviously great, but I think his MVP case was a lot stronger last year than it is now (he would've been my pick over Jokic), and Brook Lopez being healthy is a bigger factor in Milwaukee's improved record than any change in Giannis' play.

Happy for Troy Brown Jr.'s recent success. He's always been very thoughtful on the challenges of being a role player. @jovanbuha  did a great job telling the story of how he's had to learn to embrace change.

Clutch play from Bradley Beal down the stretch. Clutch putback by Daniel Gafford. Clutch epic botch of the last-second play call by James Wiseman and Isaiah Livers. Everyone wins.

Coaching isn't always getting on guys when they need a kick in the pants. Sometimes, it's pumping them up when they need some perspective.

My favorite thing about the NBA is how a game like Utah-Miami can feel so important, dramatic and well-played as you're watching it. So many big-time plays made by guys on Play-In quality teams.

Bucks made a big statement in those last four minutes against the Kings. Championship-level execution on both ends of the floor in a hostile environment against a great crunch-time team.

Is NBA discourse really worse than ever, or is it easier to find and/or be affected by the parts we don’t like?


The best play Russell Westbrook made last night -- and it counted for nothing in the box score.

Same sport, same teams, same point in the game, 10 years apart.

Doc Rivers has now blown three 3-1 leads, one 3-2 lead, one 2-0 lead, and lost Game 7 at home four times (five if you count the bubble)

The play-in is a stress test for teams on the rise. It breeds roster continuity and energizes fanbases. It spotlights diverse markets without detracting from the title race. It engineers moments in a sport defined by moments One of the best things the NBA has done in my lifetime

Zero stats, massive impact. The @Money23Green  story played out in 10 crucial seconds.

Osman doing everything Jae Crowder was supposed to do.

Stephen Curry's footwork is somehow more beautiful than the shot. -Lands on middle of right foot so he can push back -Crouches as he retreats, without falling down, as if he's sitting in an invisible chair -Shoots from 30 feet over Anthony Davis ... while on his tippy toes