Our country has a rich history of presidents who respected the power, decorum, and influence of their office. Unfortunately, that rich history ended the day Trump became president.

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BREAK: Sir Keir Starmer appoints 🌹Anneliese Dodds as shadow Chancellor 🌹Lisa Nandy as shadow Foreign Secretary 🌹Nick Thomas-Symonds as shadow Home Secretary #shadowcabinet 

WATCH: @GovInslee  says on #MTP  it is "ludicrous that we do not have a national effort" against the coronavirus. Gov. Inslee: "To say we are a backup ... can you imagine if Franklin Roosevelt said, 'I'll be right behind you Connecticut; good luck building those battleships'?"

Rural hospitals rely on big-city safety nets. Coronavirus means there may be no one to save them

Today, I sent a letter to @USTreasury  and @SBAgov  urging them to immediately address problems with the Paycheck Protection Program and issue clear guidance for businesses and lenders. Our small businesses are hurting & need relief now.

Israel to Help Christians Share ‘Holy Fire’ Rituals amid Coronavirus Pandemic

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Amazing @UofA  researchers are developing a test that can detect coronavirus in people without symptoms. Thank you for your commitment to stopping the spread!

Nurses, midwives & all health workers are on the #COVID19  frontline. #SupportNursesAndMidwives  and show solidarity with people everywhere by following public health advice - and staying at home.

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President Trump could sign an executive order TODAY giving hazard pay to our frontline federal workers hazard pay. These are brave people on the frontlines of this fight. If he doesn’t, we’ll do everything we can to make sure frontline workers get the hazard pay they deserve.

#STATEMENT || President of the Bolivarian Republic of #Venezuela , @NicolasMaduro , in the midst of our relentless fight against #COVID_19 , sends a letter to the #US  people, with a solidarity message and a call for Peace. No supremacist aggression can break our fraternity bonds.

In response to @narendramodi  ji’s call, I have joined my fellow citizens to light candles, pramithalu (diyas) and remind ourselves of our shared responsibility to defeat #Coronavirus  together #9 बजे9मिनट #9baje9mintues