Michael Skolnik

The amount of police brutality at the anti-police brutality protests is proving a lot of points.

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This week, the Biden Department of Education was caught trying to push Critical Race Theory into schools all across this country. They claimed it was an error. I'll tell you what the error was: The error was they were caught.

The biggest lesson of the Delta variant surge is no one is safe, not even the already vaccinated, until nearly everyone is vaccinated.

Eyewitnesses share heart-wrenching experience of Ratnagiri Covid centre where 8 died. @Pkhelkar  ) #Ratnagiri  #Coronavirus 

Is India prepared to fight the drone terror? Watch this report to know more. @sandeepunnithan ) #Drones  #DroneTerror 

WATCH: US athletes chant "Dr. Biden" as first lady cheers swimmers

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The plague of medical misinformation needs to stop.

Jill Biden’s outfit wows at Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony

Delhi metro trains and DTC buses to run with 100% capacity from Monday. @pretasorter  tells us about further relaxations announced by the Delhi govt. #Unlock8  #DelhiU #coronavirus #DelhiUnlocklock 

“I find it almost impossible to believe that there is a way to persuade millions of vaccine-skeptical Republicans to embrace the shot that their leaders have been demonizing for months,” @sbg1  writes.

Actor Shilpa Shetty claims her husband #RajKundra  made erotica movies and not porn. #ITVideo