Michael Skolnik

The amount of police brutality at the anti-police brutality protests is proving a lot of points.

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Can we finally stop pretending it's radical to expand the Supreme Court? What's radical is enabling Supreme Court justices — appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote — to take away reproductive rights from millions of Americans.

As President Biden said last night, "a broken spirit is no different than a broken arm." It’s worth reminding: COVID has taken a big toll on mental health. So remember you are not alone and there is help.

Corporate America wants to frame what’s going on as a “labor shortage.” Wrong. It's a child care shortage, a living wage shortage, a hazard pay shortage, and a health care shortage. Unless these shortages are rectified, the strikes we're seeing will continue.

I met Selena a few weeks ago. She lives in Hartford, has two young kids. She wants to get back to work but can’t find any affordable child care (slots in Hartford are $20K+). If we want to address the worker shortage, we need the Build Back Better plan to lower child care costs.

I'm proud to endorse @Indiawaltonbflo  for Mayor of Buffalo! She's run a truly impressive grassroots campaign and clearly has a heart for public service. And her experience as a working mom and a nurse have prepared her to tackle the challenges facing Buffalo's working families.

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@VPNez  is right, “The first peoples of this country should not be the last peoples to cast their ballots.” Congress must do all that it can to ensure Native American & Alaska Native voters aren't systematically & purposely denied participation in our democratic process.

A screenshot of a news story about a fatal gun incident on the set of Alec Baldwin's movie is being shared on social media with one major edit: a fake quote that didn't appear in the original article.

An ad by a group aligned with Sen. Mitch McConnell attacked Democrats for a plan that would lead to the "largest tax increase in decades." One key problem: The Democrats' reconciliation bill isn't settled yet.

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New reporting from @jamiegangel  and her colleagues: "Investigators... want to know if any funding came from domestic extremists or foreign sources, sources say."