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China’s Silence on Peng Shuai Shows Limits of Beijing’s Propaganda@amyyqin  @paulmozur  - @nytimes )

Project Veritas and the mainstream media are strange allies in the fight to protect press freedom (Jane Kirtley - @NiemanLab )

Tech companies don’t get science fiction -- and that's deeply troubling @Annaleen  - @newscientist )

‘Rust’ Investigators Reveal New Details About Source of Live Rounds@GeneMaddaus  - @Variety )

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Jack Dorsey’s Complicated Twitter Legacy @bopinion )

Lina Khan’s Battle to Rein in Big Tech @sheelahk  - @NewYorker )


Do Republicans Believe in Democracy? The press needs to start asking @DanRather  - Steady)

Venmo and Paypal Are Stalling Urgent Efforts to Bail People Out of Jail @samleecole  - @vice )

Facebook ad boycott campaign to go global, organizers say @Sheila_Dang  - @reuters )

Foxconn’s buildings in Wisconsin are still empty, one year later @joshdzieza  @reckless  - @verge )

Reddit and Elon Musk are sending GameStop to the moon. Soon, it'll crash @iansherr  - @CNET )

Rana Ayyub: With Modi in the U.S., it’s time for the world to hold him accountable @RanaAyyub  - @washingtonpost )

ADL calls on Fox News to fire Tucker Carlson over racist comments about 'replacement' theory @brianstelter  - @CNN )

Silenced no more: A new era of tech whistleblowing? @JamesClayton5  - @BBCNews )