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@WalkerBragman  Or this: “The Allocation of Property Rights in Russia: The First Round,” Communist and Post-Communist Studies, Vol. 29, No. 3 (September 1996), pp. 1-22.

Watching swarms of peaceful, happy people in colorful clothes descend upon @Stanford  now to see Jo Russo’s Almost Dead at Frost tonight. Wish I had a ticket!

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Seventy five, sunny & Saturday — perfect day for a run @Stanford  ! #FeelingGrateful 

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@Nobodieknows  @Tommy_tometich  " @dougthompsonBury  " me? Trump has been great for me. Demand for evidence-based research and analysis is way up !

Trump’s latest stunt pisses off both sides via @dougthompson 

Prime Minister Netanyahu respected the independence of our legislative branch when he accepted the invitation of the U.S. Congress to speak even though the executive branch was not enthusiastic about that address.

Opinion | Israel’s ban of Omar and Tlaib is a grave misstep

@WalkerBragman  Please stop cherry picking and read my full body of work, especially my academic research. I wrote a lot about social issues, how workers got screwed in privatization, how the FNPR ripped off workers, how liberals should have worked more closely with new trade unions, etc.

Given demonstrations in Moscow & Hong Kong & debate about US responses, it's a good time to buy @LarryDiamond  Ill Winds: Saving Democracy from Russian Rage, Chinese Ambition, and American Complacency.


To those media outlets who covered extensively the " the invading caravan" before the election-- sometimes on page one -- but now have completely dropped reporting on this alleged national security threat, realize how badly Trump played you & don't repeat.

Why does Trump so desire Putin’s approval? There is something so unnatural, strange, and troubling about his fealty before Putin, especially when he is in Putin’s presence.

You don’t destroy evidence, lie to the FBI, or declare I’m f**ked, if you didn’t do anything wrong.

I hope Americans will not forget how absolutely bizarre it is to have the daughter of a president (1) work at the WH (2) attend G20 summits and bilat meetings with world leaders and (3) give these content-free readouts.

Trump has tweeted 36,500 times. To the best of my knowledge, yesterday's tweet -- the one adding evidence to his possible obstruction of justice -- is the first time ever that someone else claimed to write a tweet for him. Just a coincidence?