Utterly bizarre response to her own local BBC station asking why the roof of the local hospital is held up by dozens of props. Truss tells BBC Norfolk that she will lobby the health secretary as a local MP. But won’t make promises on her behalf. What?!?

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Add tax fraud to the long list of Trump’s accomplishments.

BREAKING: Trump family-owned business is convicted of all counts of tax fraud in a New York trial

Vote for @ReverendWarnock . Vote today to build on the work of people like John Lewis and Ann Nixon Cooper who paved the way for us. Vote to build a better future for the next generation.

Georgia, it’s time to get out and vote to re-elect @ReverendWarnock . Make sure to get your family, friends, and neighbors out to vote, too. Find your polling location at .

Meeting with global doctors and medical researchers today to discuss the current science behind the COVID-19 vaccines. Tomorrow, I will host a live roundtable discussion to reveal our findings and expose the info that federal health officials are not telling the American public.

Yes, this might be the end of Donald Trump but we’ve been here before

Joe Biden doesn't have a clue what he's talking about.

@cblatts  discusses the reasons why many conflicts persist—and explains how these dynamics are continuing to drive the war in Ukraine.

It has been 157 years since the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment. While we have come a long way in that time, we are still fighting to abolish slavery in all forms, including forced labor. #EndTheException