Matt Bellassai

Matt Bellassai

gay and overwhelmed. author of EVERYTHING IS AWFUL the book. host of UNHAPPY HOUR the podcast @unhappyhourpod. he/him

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whenever someone shows an interest in me, it's like... ok literally what do you want?

the main quality i look for in a man is: do you understand the nearly untillegible memes i send because your brain is as broken by the internet as mine?

too late for a nap but too early for bed so i guess it’s time to stare blankly at nothing

when a guy is hot it’s like ok this is an attack on me personally

no offense to archaeologists but it's right there

if new york is a ghost town, then why am i still pissed at millions of people every single time i leave my apartment

DO NOT TRY: if you say “easttown” in the mirror three times in a row, mare will show up behind you and solve a crime while vaping

“remember girls we practiced for this” - me to the antibodies inside of me every time i go out in public

some of you celebrate fat tuesday once a year but those of us who are STRONG celebrate every single day


transgender people show more courage when they leave their fucking houses in the morning than donald trump has shown his entire life

whoever invented the “skip intro” button at netflix deserves the highest accolade we as a society can bestow upon a citizen and it still wouldn’t be enough

happy father’s day to harry styles only

merry christmas to harry styles only

happy new year to harry styles only

happy valentines day to harry styles only

happy met gala day to harry styles only

happy valentine’s day to harry styles only

happy halloween to harry styles only

happy halloween to harry styles only