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marlon wayans

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This #jimmyfallonisoverparty  is dumb as hell. @jimmyfallon  is truly one of the nicest guys I’ve known in our industry. Y’all stop digging up old shit. Go find a new tree to piss on. This one is clean

When you love your brother so much you name your son’s after eachother #marlon  and #Shawn  #marshawn 

This shit made me cry real tears. To watch this was sickening. At some point it has to stop. Where’s the humanity in humans? I have many friends that are cops and this type of behavior is a black eye to the entire…

Let’s stop with the Distractions let’s stay focused on the REAL ISSUES

My boy... i mean MAN. Congrats baby!!! I’m beyond proud. Go do something great with your life. Make your presence on this earth be one of greatness. Put a big foot in life’s ass. Go be great. Love you to the moon and…

I’m posting you all week!!! My baby man. Love you so much!!! Congrats#classof2020 

Sorry not to break the solidarity but this is an important message... GO VOTE!!! DC INDIANA IOWA MARYLAND MONTANA NEW MEXICO PENNSYLVANIA RHODE ISLAND SOUTH DAKOTA!!!

A progressiva step forward. Long way to go...

So... this is funny? I ain’t laughing. You? Get cancelled.


It's here! Watch the trailer for my new movie #FiftyShadesOfBlack  NOW & see it in theaters January 29!

Dear Mexicans and the rest of the world... I am so sorry. This idea of a wall is a disgrace to america and humans. He's not my president

Did yall see Detroit Lions vs the Referees? Great game... The refs won

I just saw @MileyCyrus  titty in my eyes she's always a baby ... I feel dirty... like Jared from Subway

I’m sad. Broken. Hurt.. yet extremely grateful to God that i got to spend 5 years of my life working with one of the funniest sweetest wisest humblest loving man johnwitherspoon you were my tv dad and my mentor and…

Black Parents hold your kids at home because apparently killing black children is okay

And before you turn him in please PUNCH THIS MOTHERFUCKER in his chest a few 1,000 times

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And I hope u all pray for @kanyewest  too. He's not just an artist but he's a father, a son a husband and above human. Get well soon