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“Mr. Dinkins rebuilt more low-income housing and neighborhoods across the city in a single term than Rudy Giuliani did in two terms while riding far better economic winds.” @powellnyt 

“These are moments in life that can be ripe for change and conversion.”

-higher wages -stronger safety net -correctives for racial injustices

How to buy a Christmas present for a homeless child in NYC 👇🏽 🎄🎄🎄

-Protect pedestrians and cyclists -Improve air quality, especially in low-income neighborhoods -Invest in public transit The streets are ours.

Good morning from Brooklyn, where I just ran two miles for the first time in months, and the sun just came out. It all feels so good.


One thing I love about New York right now? How people pull up their masks as they approach strangers on the street. It’s a sign of respect, community and common sense. Just call us the heartland.

That’s the darkest Barack Obama we’ve ever seen. The message was clear: vote now or let democracy die.

One thing that amazes is the distance between the daily suffering of those who’ve lost someone to this virus, or like me are in the battle of their lives to recover from it, and those for whom missing one Thanksgiving dinner is too big a sacrifice to make. They have no idea.

NEW: Never-released report shows number of people killed by police activity in New York City is more than double what was reported.

A New York police union came after the mayor’s daughter. Think about that.

Young, healthy Americans like me are getting very, very sick from the coronavirus.

There is no dinner table in America where women enjoy being spoken over, interrupted, dismissed.