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Great @harrysiegel  column on the work Mayor Bill de Blasio needs to do when he comes home from the campaign trail

Are they looking for better scholarship or are they making a demand for orthodoxy? @jbouie 

“If Erickson and Co. would simply choose to identify as Americans – instead of as white Americans – then they’d free themselves from the compulsion to defend Thomas Jefferson’s sainthood, and belittle Sally Hemings’s suffering.”

India’s Move in Kashmir: More Than 2,000 Rounded Up With No Recourse

“We are at one of those critical moments in American history when we will either double down on romanticizing our past or accept that there is something better waiting for us,” Bryan Stevenson writes


In the days and weeks to come, we will publish essays demonstrating that nearly everything that has made America exceptional grew out of slavery. @nytimes 

Don’t ignore the racism. Go right at it. Talk about it for what it is: a threat to democracy, a campaign of terror, the biggest con-job in our 400-year history, and a cancer on the human soul.

John Kelly joins board of Caliburn International, company operating largest unaccompanied migrant children shelter

I’m angry. When a man who made millions undermining democracy gets a slap on the wrist, it’s hard not to think about the people who built this country, served in its wars, and were treated like common criminals every day of their lives because of the color of their skin.

This weekend, someone - a white woman and a Democrat - told me @AOC  “doesn’t know her place.” What a fascinatingly specific turn of phrase.

Kavanaugh protesters on their way to Trump Tower. I’ve seen a lot of protests in New York since Trump got elected. The anger feels very different today

This troop of homeless Girl Scouts is selling cookies at Union Square from 4-6 pm through Friday. I’m just saying...

NYC will remove the statue of Dr. J.Marion Sims from Central Park tomorrow. Doctor performed experiments on black women in slavery

Today, a Jeffrey Epstein assault survivor was able to sue his estate because of New York’s child victims act, passed this year. A great reminder that local elections matter.