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“I’ve eaten more brisket than I ever have in my life,” Bloomberg says at Houston rally, to laughs

@marklopeztkd  Public housing is a federal program administered by states and cities. Mayors and governors and especially the federal government have failed it for years. It’s “de Blasio.”

“Richard Buery Jr., the chief of policy and public affairs for KIPP public charter Schools, said the charter grant cut was ‘unnecessary antagonism,’ but more concerning was the 28 other programs for low-income public school students being cut.” @EricaLG 

A brief sidenote from the campaign trail to report that @lindsaycrouse  is my hero.


Pro-tip: if you can’t recall whether you ever dressed up in blackface or wore Klan robes, please do America a favor and stay out of public office.

A Cuban doctor waiting for asylum in the United States has become the only full-time physician at a makeshift encampment for 2,500 migrants in Mexico.

Can’t find the words to express my pain and disgust at seeing Rush Limbaugh receive the nation’s highest honor in the house that my ancestors built. But in their name, I say that this is not the end. We will overcome this hate and live to see a better day. This too shall pass.

If you think voting doesn’t matter, think again. Bravo, New York. 👏🏽👏🏽

I’m angry. When a man who made millions undermining democracy gets a slap on the wrist, it’s hard not to think about the people who built this country, served in its wars, and were treated like common criminals every day of their lives because of the color of their skin.

Don’t ignore the racism. Go right at it. Talk about it for what it is: a threat to democracy, a campaign of terror, the biggest con-job in our 400-year history, and a cancer on the human soul.

We are staring down the face of fascism. The differences between the Democrats are nothing.

John Kelly joins board of Caliburn International, company operating largest unaccompanied migrant children shelter