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I’m thinking about how Black women are dying from pregnancy-related causes at nearly 3X the rate of white women.

I want Black women, and all women, to know that their lives are valuable. Not because we can make babies but because we have intrinsic value as human beings.

Maybe this isn’t exactly what you’re after but here’s one

A festival of unelected, puritanical perverts trying to turn America into Saudi Arabia. Not the day to skip @maureendowd 

N.Y.P.D. Should Discipline 145 Officers for Misconduct, Watchdog Says - The New York Times

“All this is basically about punishing women who want to have sex for pleasure.” @gailcollins ⁩

“The United States has at times struggled to directly acknowledge, let alone develop an effective response to, the threat of domestic extremism.” @KannoYoungs ⁩ @peterbakernyt ⁩


This one feels right today: "In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

That’s the darkest Barack Obama we’ve ever seen. The message was clear: vote now or let democracy die.

This is both anecdotal and early, but many long covid survivors are feeling significantly better after receiving their first vaccine dose. Including me. Fascinating.

“They hired more Black and brown officers, began training programs based on best-practices, required any officer who uses force in any way to report it in detail, and for the supervisor to review it. The bad cops were suddenly outed.”

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All jokes aside: an entire generation of New Yorkers has been completely priced out of buying homes in their own communities. I think we help people most in need first (homeless, the working poor). But the inability of middle class to put down roots in nyc is a real problem.

To recap, Tyler Perry provided security after the Royal family no longer would.

When we say you have to be twice as good and even then it often isn’t enough, this is what we mean.

Romi Cohn, 91, New York City. Saved 56 Jewish families from the Gestapo.

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Can’t find the words to express my pain and disgust at seeing Rush Limbaugh receive the nation’s highest honor in the house that my ancestors built. But in their name, I say that this is not the end. We will overcome this hate and live to see a better day. This too shall pass.