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Major Garrett

Chief WH Correspondent CBS News host @TakeoutPodcast author "Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride” Available NOW. San Diego native @Mizzou grad @Padres @MUTigers

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Honor & privilege to appear last night @Reagan_Library ⁩ with @JHeubusch ⁩ to discuss “Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride.” Full House. Great questions. Sold a few autographed copies. Tonight: @NixonLibrary ⁩ #MTWR 

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Via @oliviavicto  Statement from acting director @ODNIgovMaguire : "“At no time have I considered resigning my position...I have never quit anything in my life, and I am not going to start now.” #UkraineWhistleblower 

Statement from @ODNIgov  acting director Maguire in response to this story

Question to #FriarFaithful  Did you know an entire clubhouse could DFA the month of September? I didn’t either. @Padres 

At @TakeoutPodcast ⁩ we try to listen & learn. This week a primer on #impeachment  with constitutional scholar & author @kim_wehle ⁩ The process, history & methods. Plus sounds of Clinton & Nixon impeachments. Enjoy!


On @foxandfriends  @realDonaldTrump  said he won a @CBSNews  post-debate poll. We did not conduct a post-debate poll.

News: Marc Kasowitz out as @POTUS  attorney - legal team now Cobb, Sekulow & Dowd. Sounds like a law firm but is not. Corrallo has resigned.

“You can’t review 650,000 emails in eight days,” he said during a rally on Nov. 7. He was more correct than he knew. ⁦⁩

360 degrees rally Sterling Heights, Michigan. Raucous crowd spilled out of amphitheater #Campaign2016  #Trump 

Aboard #AF1  neither Mnuchin nor McMaster deny @POTUS  "accepted" (as Russian FM Lavrov said) Putin's denial of US elex cyber meddling.

News: Am told by two people familiar with the matter that Navy Secretary nominee Philip Bilden is likely to withdraw - cld b this weekend.

Senior administration officials expect to endorse short-term funding bill to reopen government in next hour. Final details being worked out in WH convos now. Unclear if 2 or 3 weeks. Border debate will continue. Stress on Govt systems was increasing.

Manufacturing industry posts biggest annual job gain in 20 years

Administration officials tell me #GOPMemo  will be sent back to House Intelligence Committee on Friday with redactions from the #WH  based on internal consultations w & other agencies. WH will not "release" memo but send it back to committee for it to release on its timetable

WH list of "non-covered" terror attacks is a ham-handed, misspelled diversion. #bydesign  News orgs covered attacks/spelled them correctly.