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Latest Scoops

Google Fuels ‘Pixel Watch’ Rumors With $40 Million Deal for Fossil Smartwatch Tech https://t.co/rFw1Rri3k3 by @waxeditorial
Data Broker Acxiom Comes Out in Support of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Call for US Data Privacy Regulation https://t.co/83RbF0OpJN by @waxeditorial
Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS
Sketchy Rumor Suggests 2019 iPhone Could Feature 4,000mAh Battery, 15W Wireless Charging, 3X Telephoto Camera and 120Hz Display https://t.co/nuZlEBHs8w by @julipuli
HomePod Now Available for Purchase in China and Hong Kong https://t.co/hjAIOUVBm3 by @julipuli
Hands-On With Apple’s New Smart Battery Cases https://t.co/6lH6yVlq1c by @julipuli
New NHL iPad App Offers Coaches Access to 60+ Real-Time Individual and Team Statistics https://t.co/BNSiFd46OT by @julipuli
Apple Suppliers Cutting Sales Forecasts Amid ‘Extraordinary’ Decline in Chinese Demand https://t.co/LksvpyooZg by @julipuli
Review: Belkin’s Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone and Apple Watch is Convenient, but Expensive https://t.co/oroUSkujU4 by @julipuli
Apple Inks Deal for ‘Large Budget, Ambitious’ Sci-Fi Series From Simon Kinberg, Known for ‘X-Men’ Movies https://t.co/l2VU74snuB by @julipuli
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