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For Democratic candidates looking to appeal to Black voters, it’s crucial we ask the difficult questions and have hard conversations

@RoddyRicch  is too fast and too furious in his video for #TheBox  📦🔥

@iHipsterLee  took #SickoModehis  line and turned it into “Someone Said,” a martian’s fever dream on acid in the best way possible

Soccer Mommy@sopharela ) turns depression, grief, and illness into lustrous indie guitar rock. She talked to about us about her new glimmering album ‘Color Theory’ ✨

#AllTheBrightPlaces stars Justice Smith@JusticetheSmith ) and Elle Fanning talked to us about their new #Netflix  flick, and finding optimism in the sadness: “I think it’s important to know that you’re not alone when you go through tragedy”

The #BopShop  is open for business, and we’re grooving to our fave tunes from @DojaCat , @claudiamin @delwatergapt @ayocovi99 , , , and more

@ladygaga  finally spilled some tea on #LG6 : “This album is such a display of not only how you can reframe the way that you view the world, but (…) I hope that the love that was around me (…) is something that other people feel”

@AllyBrooke  narrates her journey to self-love and where she is now with new bop #Fabulous 


@BTS_twt  accepts the award for Tour of the Year at the #AMAs 

All of BTS are along for the "Old Town Road" horseback ride with Lil Nas X #GRAMMYs 

"Thanks to all our fans for making this dream come true, and we'll be back." – @BTS_twt  #GRAMMYs 

No matter who you are, we all have our own shadows. @BTS_twt  talked to us about #MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_7 , and the message of acceptance they want their music to provide to #ARMY . 💜 Watch our full #BTS  interview here:

#Beliebers are so hyped Justin broke a billion views for his "Baby" vid! Not a bad way to start out a birthday week:

We may be only one month into the year, but @BTS_twt  is already winning 2019

@GOT7Official  dropped by and shared 7 things #iGOT7  might not know about them. Of course, everyone knows JB loves cats, and @BamBam1A  is a sweet talker. Watch our full interview with #GOT7  #갓세븐 at