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What does the Biden admin want out of its foreign policy toward Iran's regime? What's their end goal? I had @ilanberman  on my podcast break it all down. To watch the podcast in its entirety:

Looking forward to sitting down (virtually) with Princess Yasmine Pahlavi. @PahlaviReza  To join us, register here:

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Just remember Cardi B’s “WAP” was NPR’s song of the year, but Dr. Seuss books are offensive.

Tune in NOW! Israel’s 17th Permanent Representative to the United Nations @dannydanon  joins me live!

Today on Lisa’s Top 10: -TFD Pod: Middle East reset? with @dannydanon  -Iran's nukes -North Korea's nukes -US/UK trade and more Sign up and see what's happening around the world!

Amb. @dannydanon  warns US against appeasing Iran's regime It will cause instability of the region. Still not convinced? They pour $7 Billion a year into regional terror. Still not convinced? Ask the US' regional allies, he says Watch the full podcast:

Who’s planning to watch #Coming2America  on @AmazonVideo ? It’s pretty much my favorite movie of all time. I think I know all the lines by heart at this point! #Queens  #LisaLisaLisa  #McDowells  #SoulGlow 

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When Trump doesn’t wear a mask, it’s the end of the world When Biden doesn’t wear a mask, they have “bigger issues to worry about”

No one is trying to “overturn” the election. We just want the legitimate results.

Weird how there’s been a strange lack of BLM riots since the election. 🤔 Guess America doesn’t have a “systematic racism” problem anymore...

Melania just read stories to kids in the hospital and no one covered it other than @OANN 

I’m starting to notice a trend after this news about Swalwell employing a Chinese spy: It seems every time they go after Trump for something, Democrats get exposed to have been doing that exact thing themselves.

Notice how the FBI can solve a crime like this in 24 hours but give them Hillary’s emails or Hunter’s laptop and they get stuck in quicksand?!

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Biden had military flags removed from the Oval Office. Nice sign of gratitude for the thousands of troops protecting him.

It took Congress 8 months to give us $600 of our own money back and people out there really think socialism is going to work?