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These are both good ideas. (But today Senate Democrats have only 48 votes to abolish the filibuster or raise the wage to $15.)

When I worked in the Senate, I learned that Republican senators couldn’t sympathize with anything they hadn’t experienced. It’s only gotten worse.

Trump is going to be a defendant for the rest of his life.

Breaking: Cuomo now calling “politicians” “reckless and dangerous” for calling for resignation. “I’m not going to resign.”

Police officers are our most expensive government workers. Officer Derek Chauvin has now cost the city of Minneapolis $27 million for his decision to kill George Floyd.

The way you win a debate is by being right. So Fox & Republicans believe Putin would win a debate with Biden because they agree with Putin’s governing ideas which include murder & a whole lot more socialism & a cancel culture that includes prison.

One political party tries to reduce gun violence. The other does everything it possibly can to make American mass murderers the best equipped mass murderers in the world.


The 48 Senators who found Trump GUILTY represent 18 million MORE people than the 52 who voted not guilty.

Trump announces that he spoke to Putin today and no reporter asks what he said to Putin. No reporter asks what he said to Putin about intelligence reports that Putin is paying to kill American soldiers.

What kind of pathological liar lies about his lies to people who have video recordings of the lies he’s lying about and who actually read his previous lies to him word for word as he tries to lie about those lies?

Hey @OReillyFactor  please sue me too because I believe Wendy Walsh. Retweet if you agree.

The president of the United States is a sociopath.

PSA: IGNORE TRUMP Ignore every word @realDonald Trump says about going back to work. Trump has no power to send anyone back to work or to reopen any business anywhere. The governors are in charge now, not Trump.

Every reporter must now ask if he still believes in the standard he set for removing a president in the impeachment of Bill Clinton

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