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House Republicans now support the highest gasoline price increase in history. #RepublicanSalesTax 

The most humiliating moment in Kevin McCarthy’s life was his march up the aisle tonight to get Matt Gaetz vote—the 1 vote he needed to become Speaker—and failing spectacularly.

Here is the full speech by Richard Pryor about MLK in 1983. Must watch.

Three doctors write, “showing these images is vital to counter misinformation.” @nytimes ⁩

Today is my 1st time inside the Capitol since Jan 6. Everything looks the same but it doesn’t feel the same. Maybe I’ll get used to it again but now it feels like a visit to an historic battlefield. Out of every window you see the paths of the attackers.

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The 48 Senators who found Trump GUILTY represent 18 million MORE people than the 52 who voted not guilty.

Trump announces that he spoke to Putin today and no reporter asks what he said to Putin. No reporter asks what he said to Putin about intelligence reports that Putin is paying to kill American soldiers.

Every reporter must now ask if he still believes in the standard he set for removing a president in the impeachment of Bill Clinton

When a 12 yr old girl gets raped by her father who legally has a gun concealed in his pocket, the Supreme Court says the child must give birth to her sister.

This needs 100 million retweets:

This is what’s wrong with police culture.

Note to media: please stop treating like he’s a Bernie Sanders clone just because endorsed him while you ignore the fact that Mayor Gillum was a delegate who was on her list of possible VP candidates.

"What faith are you?" is Graham's 1st question in a government that has no religious test for office.