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Is @NikkiHaley  really this bad at politics or does she want @realDonald Trump to lose? She retweets @JoeBiden  ad that crushes Trump with a silly demand that it be taken down which will only give the ad more visibility. Looks like Haley thinks 8 yrs of Trump would ruin her future.

Stunning video. When the Russians see the American flag they drive straight into it.

Rachel @maddow  breaking news right now about the Melania tapes.

@jayrosen_nyu  There are professional baseball coaches who are paid huge sums to shout “Keep your eye on the ball” to even higher paid professional baseball players who’ve been hearing that since they were 4 yrs old and still need to hear it.

The 1st discussion of @maddow  interview with @MichaelCohen212  will be with @JoyAnnReid  & @jheil  at 10pm @TheLastWord 

Trump's last line under oath here shows he thinks everyone lies like him.


Not a single question about Putin paying to kill American soldiers. Not one question.

The 48 Senators who found Trump GUILTY represent 18 million MORE people than the 52 who voted not guilty.

What kind of pathological liar lies about his lies to people who have video recordings of the lies he’s lying about and who actually read his previous lies to him word for word as he tries to lie about those lies?

The president of the United States is a sociopath.

Best convention I’ve ever seen. 1st time I’ve ever been able to listen to every speaker. Please don’t ever fill up another convention hall. Please don’t waste $millions on plane tickets & hotels. Please don’t burn all that jet fuel. Make this the new normal.

Hey @OReillyFactor  please sue me too because I believe Wendy Walsh. Retweet if you agree.