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Does anyone understand the 2020 race? This scholar nailed the blue wave — here's her forecast

@MTerryScrnwrtr  That is what the jurors see in murder trials including autopsy photos but the TV industry has decided viewers can never see that kind of evidence.

Years ago I stopped saying the shooter’s name or showing his picture after the 1st mass murder I covered. I wasn’t going to give them the fame they crave. I welcome guidance on what else we should be doing in mass murder coverage.

@maddow  I’m afraid no one knows. There are just too many episodes of @TheSimpsons  for anyone to know what’s in all of them. Sorry. Just impossible.

Today @BetoORourke  restarted his presidential campaign, but will he eventually drop out and restart his Texas senate campaign? I’ll ask him tonight @TheLastWord  10pm.

I did not know this before you were booked.

Why is a bipartisan letter from House Judiciary Committee asking Justice Dept if any “executive branch personnel” were involved in Jeffrey Epstein suicide watch decisions? @TheLastWord  10pm


Hey @OReillyFactor  please sue me too because I believe Wendy Walsh. Retweet if you agree.

Every reporter must now ask if he still believes in the standard he set for removing a president in the impeachment of Bill Clinton

Warning: retweeting this will guarantee that @realDonaldTrump  sees it and it’ll hurt his feelings.

Your vote counts. Everything that happens in that hearing room today with Michael Cohen is only happening because Democrats won the House. Your vote counts.

By publicly tampering with a Senate witness, @LindseyGrahamSC  violated his oath of office. In any previous Senate, the Ethics Committee would begin a Graham investigation today that would lead to his expulsion.

Lying to the FBI is a crime. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford wants to talk to the FBI. Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t want to talk to the FBI. Kavanaugh’s friend & witness Mark Judge doesn’t want to talk to the FBI. They all know lying to the FBI is a crime.

Trump's first line of defense to a rape accusation is "She's not my type." That's his first thought, not 'I would never rape anyone.'

This is simple. McConnell does not think Trump can win without Russia’s help.

Dear World, President Trump was not elected by a majority vote. President Trump does not have the support of a majority of Americans. Thank you for your patience

Is tweet attack on msnbc during my show tonight because I exposed the fundraising emails he sent out before and after his Oval Office speech last night tricking his supporters into donating for “border security” when fine print said it’s for his campaign?