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And more from @AnnekenTappe  in the @CNNBusiness  live blog about comments from @SenWarren  regarding the merits of a central bank-backed digital currency.

Baby Bezoses? Bezi? (Not sure what the plural of Jeff's surname should be. ) Anyhoo, @claresduffy  has a look at growing calls in DC for a potential split of $AMZN.

Ka-ching! $AAPL $GOOGL and $MSFT have tons of cash...even after you factor out their debt. My story.

Looking to buy a car? Good luck. @PeterDrives  has some tips.

Hungry? The QR code is alive and well. More from @apbenven .

Fire up the grill! And maybe buy some Weber stock? The barbecue maker is set to go public and could be worth around $5 billion. My story. $WEBR

Education tech/cloud software firm PowerSchool IPO today. $PWSC up a bit. CEO Hardeep Gulati says company has about 12K school district customers. Growing interest in company due to remote learning in pandemic. Early in cycle. Sees $MSFT $GOOGL more as partners than competitors.

Boeing isn't the only company to post a surprise profit today. So did pot stock Tilray. $TLRY up more than 25% on the news. #cannabis 

#SillyStock Move of the Day! Sure, Apple isn't down a lot but not sure why $AAPL should be in red at all given strong earnings and sales led by big demand for iPhone 12. Yes, chip shortages could be issue. But keep in mind we could get new iPhone release info in September.

Tech earnings parade continues. Facebook after the close. Amazon tomorrow. Both $AMZN and $FB a little higher so far today.


JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon unsurprisingly has a very gloomy outlook for the US economy. But he says $JPM is ready to lend to businesses and consumers in need -- and criticizes politicians for botched Covid-19 preparations/planning. My story.

You've. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me. $KODK now up 572%. Kodak trading has been halted 10 times so far this morning.

The Reddit WSB strikes again. #SaveAMC  is trending. $AMC up more than 122% so far #premarket . $GME popping again too.

Short sellers are learning the hard way that you fight the Reddit WSB board at your own peril. Just look at what's happened to investors betting against GameStop. My story on the dramatic surge in $GME shares this year.

No sugarcoating it. Jobless claims numbers were brutal. 965,000. Nearly 200K higher than expected and big jump from last week. More stimulus is needed.