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Rally on pause? Or start of a new slide? Futures pointing to a drop at the open Wednesday morning following big stock pop of the past two days.

Stocks soared the past two days but down #premarket . The buy the Judge 62nd home run rumor, sell the news phenomenon? #sarcasm  Seriously though, congrats @TheJudge44 ! #PinstripePride  #RepBX 

$TWTR down a smidge #premarket  after yesterday’s surge. Still a bit of a gap between current price and Musk’s $54.20 bid.

The Twitter-Musk saga was good news for the law firms that were involved in the deal. @allisondmorrow  has analysis in the @CNNBusiness  Nightcap newsletter. $TWTR

Less than 10 minutes away from ADP private sector jobs numbers. Remember that there is hardly a perfect correlation between these figures and the BLS ones. But FWIW, economists forecasting 200K jobs added last month.

Trouble in the land of fixed income. @NicoleGoodkind  has more on the action with government Treasuries in the @CNNBusiness  Before the Bell newsletter.

208K private sector jobs added last month according to ADP. A bit higher than forecasts. And the August number was revised up to 185K jobs added.

ISM services number comes in higher than expected. Stocks move even lower. Confusing signs about the economy making it harder to get read on Fed?


JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon unsurprisingly has a very gloomy outlook for the US economy. But he says $JPM is ready to lend to businesses and consumers in need -- and criticizes politicians for botched Covid-19 preparations/planning. My story.

McDonald's has a limited edition MacCoin to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac. It's an actual coin. Not a cryptocurrency. How quaint! $MCD

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Can we get a Schoolhouse Rock video to explain what just happened? #KavanaughVote 

Here we go. US CPI up 0.1% month over month in August. More than expected. And up 8.3% year over year. Also a little higher than forecast but down from last month's 8.5% pace. #inflation 

People going out again. And America still making stuff. Leisure/hospitality added 78K jobs in April, with 44K in food/drinking places and 22K in accommodation. Leisure/hospitality still down 1.4M jobs since pre-pandemic though. Manufacturing a bright spot too. Added 55K jobs.

You've. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me. $KODK now up 572%. Kodak trading has been halted 10 times so far this morning.

Interesting take here from Democratic presidential contender @AndrewYang  in an op-ed for @CNNBusiness . The name may need to be workshopped a bit. But as a parent of two young kids, I share the concerns about too much screen time.

So long MoviePass? $HMNY says "MoviePass notified its subscribers that it would be interrupting the MoviePass service for all its subscribers effective September 14, 2019, because its efforts to recapitalize MoviePass have not been successful to date."