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Investors no longer raiders of a lost $ARKK? Cathie Wood's flagship ETF now up nearly 3% today as techs/Nasdaq storm back from their lows.

The Dogefather making an offer that $TSLA fans can't refuse? My appearance with @JChatterleyCNBC  fro @cnni  @firstmove  this morning ICYMI. Also talked about China electric car sales.

Roblox may be soaring after earnings. But gamers (and investors) still like legacy companies too. $ATVI popped after solid numbers last week. $EA up 1% today with results after the close. $RBLX

Flora Growth is a Canadian-based cannabis grower that just went public in the US -- but the company cultivates in Colombia. Outdoors. I spoke to the CEO. $FLGC lower in its debut though.

He won't have any kids of his own for a long long time. But Baby Buzz 2.0 just proudly told me a Dad joke. "Does February march? No. But April may." Heh.

Not too many all-time highs on a day like this. But all aboard Kansas City Southern. New record for $KSU. Nothing like a possible bidding war to get prices chugging higher. Choo-choo! $CP $CNI

The housing market has yet to cool down. More from @annabahney .

Inflation isn't a problem like it was in the 1980s just yet. But investors and consumers are definitely worried about rising prices. Time to sing this song from the late, great B.B. King tomorrow morning at 8:30 when CPI comes out? Good night.

Chief economist at @indeed  @JedKolko  told @AlisonKosik  on the @CNNBusiness  Markets Now show today that many people shouldn't get too used to this working from home thing.


JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon unsurprisingly has a very gloomy outlook for the US economy. But he says $JPM is ready to lend to businesses and consumers in need -- and criticizes politicians for botched Covid-19 preparations/planning. My story.

McDonald's has a limited edition MacCoin to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac. It's an actual coin. Not a cryptocurrency. How quaint! $MCD

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Can we get a Schoolhouse Rock video to explain what just happened? #KavanaughVote 

We have the meats. More meats! Arby's buying Buffalo Wild Wings for $2.9 billion, including debt. $157 a share. $BWLD up 6% #premarket .

How is it possibly #NationalTacoDay , #NationalPoetryDay  and #NationalVodkaDay ? Should I write a sonnet about eating tacos while drinking a Stoli on the rocks? ?✍️?

The fact that Jan Brady is trending because of Trump's "Russia Russia Russia tweet" is peak 2019.

You've. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me. $KODK now up 572%. Kodak trading has been halted 10 times so far this morning.