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Thinking about how the Exonerated 5 were all younger than Kyle Rittenhouse when they took the stand and how their cries meant nothing.

Nikole Hannah-Jones became a political target. What she's learned from the ‘hurtful’ attacks

Column: Where are men on the demolition of abortion rights?

Latinos are nearly 40% of the population, but just 7 of the 38 congressional districts are mostly Latino. The largest Black population in the country is in Texas and not one of the districts will be Black. This isn’t underrepresentation, it’s suppression.

It won’t be an attack by Russia. It will be from us becoming like Russia, where the violent deaths of Putin’s critics have become normalized. And before you dismiss this as hyperbole—children being shot and killed in our schools has become normalized.

Column: Finding salvation from dark places through Ledisi and Nina Simone

Dems are concerned about a red wave in Nov. And w/ Biden’s approval rating at around 43%, I’m sure some are considering distancing themselves in hopes of saving their hides. My advice: don’t do it. You’ll only embarrass yourself and oh—it doesn’t work.

Granderson: So you've committed a racist gaffe. Your comeback can be quick and easy!

Thinking about how so many voices in the international sports community felt the need to say “rules are rules” with regards to Sha’Carri Richardson and marijuana or Naomi Osaka with press conferences but with Djokovic there’s suddenly a need to discuss the legitimacy of rules.


We seriously need an explanation how two NBA franchises have managed to get tested for the coronavirus within hours the same week the CDC admits only completing 77 tests thus far

For those of you who are tired of reading about racism, I’m tired of black and brown bodies being killed by it. I’m tired of watching some white people be more upset by those who are protesting racism as opposed to the racism itself.

Just give the Dodgers the chip they deserve and we’ll call it good. Kershaw’s legacy took a hit. Roberts decisions questioned. Yu Darvish ran out of town. All cuz of cheaters.

I will never understand people who see tragedies like the murder of Breonna Taylor and decide to play devil’s advocate. The devil doesn’t need advocates, justice does.

Wonder why I’ve seen more segments on OBJ giving out money than Julian Edelman getting arrested

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Not many people would walk away from a three-year, $3.6-million contract...to help the country. Hell, we have professional athletes today who are hesitant to play in an empty stadium to help the country.

Many white conservatives prefer Black athletes like James to just play, because they don’t want to be reminded of their Blackness. They want feel-good stories about making it out of the ghetto without talk of why there is a ghetto in the first place.

To my fellow Asian American journalists who are showing up to work today, I see you. I understand what it's like to tell these kind of stories while quietly carrying this kind of pain. This kind of fear. Your presence and your work have always been necessary--especially now.