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LZ Granderson

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Many of the state laws regarding reproductive rights, transgender kids and voting are a byproduct of the 2010 midterms and a tea party movement that gave Republicans 6 governors’ offices and flipped 21 statehouses. What did we think was going to happen?

Granderson: Now we know where Trumpers draw the line. Madison Cawthorn went too far

For all of the recent hubbub surrounding book banning, critical race theory and supposed concern about teaching children to hate, culturally we have done a poor job addressing the white supremacists who have been grooming young white people for centuries.

Just as SCOTUS was threatening 50 yrs of progress, we also took time to remind the world that: 1. Our democracy was almost killed off by a former reality TV host, and 2. we’ve kept a man in prison for 15 years w/o a trial. America … you in danger, girl.

Texas keeps trying to make slavery sound less slaveryish. It’s where a 9th-grade textbook rebranded the enslaved as immigrant workers. It’s where a 4th grade book bragged about Texas’ growth in the 1840s but failed to mention who the new residents were.

Materialism lures us into the toxic relationships by first whispering the sweetest of promises. Then one day, you buy the “right” house in the “right” neighborhood and realize you still don’t feel safe walking around at night. “More” is just an illusion.

Didn’t have “it’s how they write their memoirs”as a reason why Trump would keep top-secret files, as Rep Turner suggested. The last time classified info was used to beef up a memoir, Gen. Petraeus was forced to resign as CIA director and seek a plea deal.

There's good reason we built a wall between church and state. Take the King James Bible for instance…

There are text messages as far back as 2017, a year after Favre was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Imagine: He got the gold jacket, and that was one of the first things he did with it. His interceptions were mistakes. This was intentional .


Nothing says “woke” like the trying to ban a protest against police brutality the same week we’re expecting to see police body cam video of the NBA’s Sterling Brown reportedly being tased for no reason.

Once again Trump is playing us. The man who called Hillary "crooked" just paid $25M for fraud yet we're talking about his Hamilton tweets.

@jemelehill some folks say they admire civil rights activists but blindly demonize civil rights activism--as if they are not related.

Anthony Lynn said when the world goes crazy he gets on his knees and prays. “I don’t have all of the answers but I know who does.” We talked about the protests, criminal justice reform and what the NFL did to Kaepernick for trying to get the word out.

I do not look forward to going back into the streets to hear the cries of a hurting people. But I do it because I recognize the melody. Their song is my song.

About 1/3 of Puerto Rico's residents — over 900,000 — are still living w/o electricity 5 months after Hurricane Maria. Suicide rates have spiked since the storm as well. Wore this T on to remind people that while news coverage has subsided, the work is not done.

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Donald Trump reportedly withheld alimony from Marla Maples after she threatened to speak negatively about him

There is something troubling about our society’s tendency to explain away or justify anti-Semitism. This hypocrisy has been made particularly evident during this age of racial reckoning.

Purposefully misleads the public about status and then uses words like "woke mob" "cancel culture" and "witch hunt" when he really means "being held accountable"

Her attack against CRT is nonsensical considering the NFL could be Exhibit A for systemic racism. Until recently the league used race norming when determining payouts from a settlement. The premise: Black players were less intelligent than white ones.