Florida Manatee Mutilated Etched Trump'

Florida Manatee Mutilated By Someone Who Etched 'Trump' Onto Its Back

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Florida Manatee Mutilated Etched Trump'

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President Biden officially laying out new COVID response steps: -Increasing vaccine supply to states by more than 15% -Increasing total U.S. vaccine order by 50% to 600 million doses -Enough vaccine for 300 million Americans by summer

The central story of American politics right now is that one of the two parties is *radicalizing against democracy* in front of our eyes. There are tons of other stories as well, but they all come after that, I think.

BREAKING: Sen. Leahy, who will preside over fmr. President Trump's second impeachment trial, has been taken to a local hospital for observation and is being evaluated after an examination by the Capitol Attending Physician, a spokesperson tells @NBCNews .

Gallup: 88% of Americans are not satisfied with the way things are going

Pres. Biden delivers an update on containing Covid-19: "We have recently discovered in the final days of the transition and it wasn't until the final day that we got the cooperation we needed — Once we arrived, a vaccine program is in worse shape than we anticipated or expected."

"It's not just 100,000 people, it's 100,000 people whose families are going to miss them for the rest of their lives" As the UK reaches a bleak milestone, we hear from families who have lost loved ones to Covid

After the mob stormed the capitol and beat people with hockey sticks and flag poles, and chanted "Hang Mike Pence!" and prowled around looking for members of congress to kill or capture, a majority of GOP members of congress came back into the chamge and voted with the mob!

The entire hydroxychloroquine hype cycle was utter madness

Opinion: On impeachment, Republican senators are as spineless as ever