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"All he has to do is ask somebody. He's the president of the United States. He has people to do research for him if he doesn't want to put it into Google." @sarasidnerCNN  & @rashadrobinson  reacting to the Pres's 'don't know them' claim about the Proud Boys and white supremacy.

"Politics isn't about the weird worship of one dude." @BenSasse  statement to the Nebraska GOP as he's facing censure is worth listening to.

Is Ron Johnson trying to argue now that the insurrection wasn’t so bad because there were good people in the crowd?! Is this actually happening? This was a pro-police crowd he argues. This is worthy of the committee’s time? Seriously?

The Fed chair says real unemployment is closer to 10%. Some imp perspective on that from @DianeSwonk  . Also her gut check on the current debate over $15 min wage. "Right now the debate is not even that nuanced and that is the hard part. " Thx Diane

Brutal opening line of questioning from @SenGaryPeters  with the head of DC Nat’l Guard. Were you able to get immediate approval from Sec of Army to deploy in June when there was violence? “I was, yes sir.” Were you able to get that same immediate approval in Jan? “No sir”

@NIHDirector  is "astounded" that we haven't gotten further in overcoming vax hesitancy. "The political part makes the least sense at all. How could it be that what political party you're in allows you to decide... whether this vaccine is good for you or not?"

Derek Chauvin just said in court that he will not testify. "I will invoke my fifth amendment privilege today."

. @PoppyHarlowCNN ⁩ has a new book out just in time for Christmas. Happy gifting, friends!

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As we all prepare to celebrate our nation's independence, the families of Americans wrongfully detained overseas continue their fight for freedom. "We are asking to meet with President Biden...My brother is losing days of his life behind bars." @NedaSharghi  @jillrussia 

State Rep Dustin Burrows, who's leading the committee investigation into the Uvalde School Shooting, and the Q's that he has now after releasing the first report: "I think the biggest question is trying to figure out which officer knew what when."


One man smuggled almost 55,000 photos out of Syria to show the world the atrocities of the Syrian regime. He was sure the photos would be enough for the US to act. It didn’t. He’s trying again. These are 5 of the 11k lives taken that Caesar documented.

Statement just now from DNI Dan Coates regarding intell assessment of Russia interference.....

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Just 7 miles off the coast of PR, the scene is heart-crushing in Vieques. @BillWeirCNN  takes us there. Please watch.

Gen James Mattis responds to Trump calling him an overrated general. At the Al Smith Memorial Foundation dinner: “Trump called me an overrated general....But I don’t mind. He called Meryl Streep an overrated actress. So I guess I’m the Meryl Streep of generals.”

“Focusing on the word takes away from the larger point” @CharlesMBlow  & @marclamonthill  on @POTUS  use of the n-word.

June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month, and I #GoPurple  for a world without Alzheimer’s. Join me and the @alzassociation  in the fight to #EndAlzheimers .

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“It’s part of my heart and I love it very much.” says the has been th #SpecialOlympics  biggest thing in his life for 18 yrs. Great news for him tonight that fed funding won’t be cut. Here’s our convo before that announcement.

Debra Katz, Attorney for Christine Blasey Ford, says her client is willing to testify before Senate Judiciary Committee. But that no one on committee has asked her to do so and no one from committee has reached out to even set up a call. "We've heard from no one."

Does the Lt. Gov of Puerto Rico agree with the president when he calls the federal response to Hurricane Maria an "unsung success"? I asked 6 times. Here's some of the interview.