Nasrin Sotoudeh / Iranian / Iran

Canada strongly condemns the imprisonment of Nasrin Sotoudeh, an Iranian human rights lawyer and women’s rights leader. Her sentence and treatment are unacceptable, and we call on Iran to release her immediately - defending human rights is not a crime.

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Nasrin Sotoudeh / Iranian / Iran

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3 Points up in Michigan, 2 Points up in Wisconsin, 3 Points up in Pennsylvania. The Great Red Wave is forming, and getting ready to VOTE!

Joe Biden FAILED BADLY with the Swine Flu Epidemic. He knows nothing. All talk and no action!

464 days ago the House passed a $15 minimum wage. The GOP Senate refused to consider it. Since then, the 4 richest Americans increased their wealth by $189 billion & are now worth $522 billion. If there's going to be class war in America it's about time the working class won.

In Lufkin, Texas — someone was stealing Trump signs, so an anonymous tree climber put up 30 of them throughout the community. Love it, thank you! #MAGA 

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Always the same stupid shit in the final 10 days of the campaign. Some of it's from good people who are just getting competitive or stressed out or whatever. But the absolute worst people are always their absolute worstest at this point in time.

"I don't take responsibility at all." "I wanted to always play it down." "I said to my people, 'Slow the testing down, please.'" "It is what it is." "Don't be afraid of COVID." Trump's deadly coronavirus response, a comprehensive timeline:

Pres. Trump has made many false claims about the development of a vaccine before Election Day. We all want a vaccine ASAP, but it must be guided by science.   My House colleagues & I are urging @SecAzar  to ensure all COVID vaccine decisions are free from political interference.

The White House’s science policy office has ranked “ending the Covid-19 pandemic” atop the list of @POTUS ' top first-term accomplishments -- even as the country registers record amounts of infections and hospitals fill up again. via @politico