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Justin Trudeau

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The acts of violence and intimidation committed in Digby County yesterday are unacceptable, and I join Minister Jordan in strongly condemning them. We cannot continue down this path. We must work together to advance reconciliation and implement First Nation treaty rights.

COVID-19 cases are still rising. That has real consequences - and puts lives at risk. But if we work together, we can turn things around. So keep wearing your mask. Keep washing your hands. Keep physically distancing. And download the COVID Alert app now:

Systemic racism exists in Canada. It exists in our institutions and in our systems - including our health care system. And we need to eliminate it. Grand Chief Awashish, Chief Ottawa, Chief Néashit, and I spoke about that this morning, and about how we can do this work together.

Congratulations, @jacindaardern . Whether it’s fighting climate change, empowering women and girls around the world, or ensuring equitable vaccine distribution, I look forward to continuing our work together - and keeping the Canada-New Zealand friendship strong.

To all our small business owners: thank you. You help shape our communities and keep our country strong. I know this year hasn’t been easy, but we’re going to be here for you - this week and every week - until the end of this crisis. #SBW2020 

It’s been 91 years since women were recognized as “persons.” But the fight for gender equality continues. So let’s keep pushing forward with courage and conviction - today on #PersonsDay  and every single day.

I reached out to @jacindaardern  by phone today and congratulated her again on her historic victory. My friend, your leadership continues to inspire - and I’m wishing you all the best in your second term. There’s so much we can do together and I’m looking forward to all of it.

Update on our border: We’ve extended the measures in place at the Canada-US border by another 30 days. Non-essential travel remains restricted until at least November 21st.

Update: We’ve received 800 million masks, gloves, gowns, and face shields to protect front line workers and people across the country since March. And this month alone, we’ve distributed over 20 million pieces of personal protective equipment to the provinces and territories.

Today, we’re keeping the loved ones of Corporal Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent in our thoughts. We will never forget the sacrifices these brave men made - or the courage of those who came forward six years ago to keep us safe.


To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada 

Let’s talk about mental health so more people ask for help when they need it. RTs send 5¢ to support mental health programs. #BellLetsTalk 

We are deeply disappointed that the United States federal government has decided to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

It’s #BellLetsTalk  day! Let’s work to end the stigma around mental illness. RT this to donate 5¢ to Canadian mental health programs.

It’s #BellLetsTalk  Day - a time to keep having important conversations about mental health, and of course raise some money too! Mental health challenges affect us all. RT this to support programs across the country.

Stay home. It doesn’t matter that the weekend’s almost here - if you choose to gather in groups or hang out with your friends, you’re putting yourself, those around you, and our health care workers at risk. So take this seriously. Do the right thing and stay home this weekend.

To the people who seem to think they’re invincible: You’re not. So go home and stay home. You’re not just putting yourself at risk, you’re putting others at risk too - nurses and doctors, grocery store workers, your grandparents, and so many others. #StayAtHomeSaveLives 

As you cope with the COVID-19 situation, we're focused on helping you get through this. Here’s what we’re doing to support you. ⤵️

You need to stay home. And so do your friends and family members. Help spread the word with your own video - and tag your friends to remind them to stay home too. And together, we can #PlankTheCurve . @MichaelBuble  and @VancityReynolds  - can you help? #StayAtHomeSaveLives