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Judy Woodruff

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@rakeen_mabud  . says the Federal Reserve should recognize that much of the cause of inflation lies with corporations that are "raking in profits..lining the pockets of their shareholders " - t @WmBranghamo  @NewsHour 

and former VP @Mike_Pence  insists he felt it was not his responsibility to speak out publicly about his doubts that there had been fraud or major irregularities in the 2020 election, despite the fact he said so privately to former Pres Trump@NewsHour 

"right now it's not really looking as if enthusiasm is dropping off among Democrats" reports @lbarronlopez  after following both the @SenatorWarnock  and @HerschelWalker  campaigns in Georgia this week, ahead of next Tuesday's big run-off @NewsHour 

and on the trail, @lbarronlopez  reports @HerschelWalker  is comparing voting for himself or Warnock as a choice between "heading to heaven or hell " @NewsHour 

"what (Turkey's) Erdogan is doing is..testing America..& testing Russia...If there is not enough reaction from them, then he will be able to carry out an operation within a short period, like a week." Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces Gen.Mazloum Abid, to @nickschifrin  @NewsHour 

"we already know involuntary treatment in a psychiatric hospital is not a solution to homelessness. Housing is a solution to homelessness...treatment does not work in a coercive manner" advocate Sam Tsemberis, on NYC Mayor@ericadamsnyc 's new policy, to @WmBrangham  @NewsHour 


14 month old boy separated from immigrant parents at the border, was returned after 85 days, covered with lice, had apparently not been bathed - part of lawsuits filed by states against Trump administration reports tonight

I am heartbroken to share this..the @NewsHour’s beloved long-time Friday night analyst Mark Shields, who for decades wowed us with his encyclopedic knowledge of American politics, his sense of humor and mainly his big heart, has passed away at 85, with his wife Anne at his side.

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former Dir of National Intelligence James Clapper says he's personally concluded Russians not only influenced but DECIDED outcome of 2016 election: "80 thousand votes in 3 states" tonight

many Democrats in Wyoming are changing their party registration right now just to vote for @RepLizCheney  in tomorrow's primary, reports @lbarronlopez  after a trip to the Cowboy State @NewsHour 

I can't get this out of my mind: "what we saw are dirty children who are malnourished, who are being severely neglected...flu outbreak...lice infestation..sleeping on the floor" attorney Warren Binford describes a gov't facility for migrant children near El Paso, to @WmBrangham 

Dr. Collins, asked if there's anything he wishes NIH had done: "maybe we under-invested in research in human behavior..I never imagined a year ago that there would be 60 million people who refused/declined to get the vaccine because of misinformation & disinformation " @NewsHour 

@YamicheAlcindor  works for the @NewsHour  and is an outstanding news reporter

Dr. Anthony Fauci says restrictions should not be lifted until rapid results testing and protective equipment for health workers, is available wherever needed. As long as # cases rising, isolation should continue @jaketapper  @CNN 

former Ethiopian Minister@1_filsan  tells @nickschifrin  she found that her own gov't was behind a huge number of atrocities in Tigray, "absolutely horrendous...including systematic rape of women and girls"..signaling complications even after new ceasefire in civil war @NewsHour