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Judy Woodruff

PBS NewsHour, mom, advocate for those with disabilities

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the voices of teachers across America & the Indianapolis School Supt@aleesialyrie  talks w/ a @WmBranghamout  why her city reversed a decision to hold classes in person

while Mississippi, now a #Covid  hot spot, is not requiring, but urging, local officials to keep schools "virtual only " for now: State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs@TCBPubHealth  talks w @WmBrangham /

some give on the part of Democrats on #Covid  relief negotiations? @SenSchumer  tells reporters tonight "We asked them, would you meet us in the middle? And they said no, it has to be mostly in our direction."

more from @NancyPelosi  : "the President is insisting the money will go to the schools that are only open..So what does that say? What does it say to children w/ disabilities, where we really need them to be getting as much care as possible.. "

our first take on the @KamalaHarris  story, how she became who she is today, with thanks to @LisaDNews  & the indefatigable @tkconch 

"Whichever direction it goes in, surviving against all the odds is in the Lebanese blood. 'We don't fall down. We get up. It's not our thing. We always get up.'" Lebanon, the aftermath & the future @JaneFerguson5 

the tough questions facing colleges and universities right now:

..as the pandemic causes parents and students to reassess the value of higher education: @JohnYangTV  reports


14 month old boy separated from immigrant parents at the border, was returned after 85 days, covered with lice, had apparently not been bathed - part of lawsuits filed by states against Trump administration reports tonight

former Dir of National Intelligence James Clapper says he's personally concluded Russians not only influenced but DECIDED outcome of 2016 election: "80 thousand votes in 3 states" tonight

let this not be lost in Mueller Report: "The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion." Part I, page 9

Senate erupts in laughter when @RepAdamSchiff  discloses Dept of Justice lawyer today stated that the remedy, if the President ignores a Congressional subpoena, is impeachment. "I didn't think they'd do this on the same day" we are here debating the removal of the President

we had 2 experts on @NewsHour  tonight, one economist @krogoff , the other emergency physician @meganranney . they made identical points: until the virus is brought under control, life can't get back to normal; and the virus can't be controlled w/out a coordinated national effort

I am devastated to share news that my dear friend and cofounder of the @NewsHour  Jim Lehrer died today at home. Sending love to his Kate and their family.

family of John Lewis posts this in @washingtonpost ⁩ this morning “Thank you for rocking with him until the end...please keep the faith..”

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Ken Starr says unlike judges, who serve for life, Presidents are elected for a limited term, and should be less subject to impeachment. Did he make this argument during Clinton impeachment?

I can't get this out of my mind: "what we saw are dirty children who are malnourished, who are being severely neglected...flu outbreak...lice infestation..sleeping on the floor" attorney Warren Binford describes a gov't facility for migrant children near El Paso, to @WmBrangham