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Update: The FAA has withdrawn the advisory. President Trump, as of now, will not be traveling to his club in Bedminster this weekend after all.

WASHINGTON (AP) — 1.9 million workers seek jobless aid, a ninth straight weekly decline as more businesses reopen.

“White House officials are warily watching metropolitan areas where the protests have ignited, hoping the outdoor settings reduce the risk. The administration will also encourage governors to reestablish testing sites that were destroyed or shut down”

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — All protest movements have slogans. George Floyd’s has a number: 8:46

WASHINGTON (AP) — US officials: US Navy veteran Michael White freed by Iran, has departed country on Swiss government aircraft.

“The four most dense counties in America are New York City boroughs. Combine that with public transit, three major transportation hubs and 1.6 million daily commuters into Manhattan, and it’s a perfect human mixing bowl”

“Now Trump’s Teflon shield is being put to an acid test as he faces a triple whammy - the biggest public health crisis in a century, the worst economic downturn in generations and the largest civil unrest since the 1960s”

“He does not want to believe transmissions are occuring silently,” the city official wrote at the time of de Blasio. “That things might blow up.”


In Seoul, Trump and senior staff meet with President Moon and, unexpectedly, the star K-pop boy band Exo

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Nearly half of Twitter accounts pushing to reopen America may be bots – MIT Technology Review

GENEVA (AP) - The head of the World Health Organization warns 'the worst is yet ahead of us' in coronavirus outbreak.

“A review of federal purchasing contracts by The Associated Press shows federal agencies waited until mid-March to begin placing bulk orders of N95 respirator masks, mechanical ventilators and other equipment needed by front-line health care workers”

"Advisers hoped that Secret Service moves in Manchester to secure the area for president would make it harder for Democratic candidates and their supporters to transverse the state’s largest city in the hours before the primary’s first votes are cast"

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Putin sets July 1 for nationwide vote on constitution that could let him stay in power until 2036.

Per NYC officials, the number of COVID-19 deaths jumped from 199 deaths at 10 am today to 280 at 6 pm.