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I will post this request every Friday as Twitter only shows my tweets to maybe 10% of you who follow me. This lets us send them to you personally.

It's been sad watching clips of the riot at the Capitol, and rising censorship. So I share with you this HAPPIER video from a more civil era. Let's remember that we are ALL Americans, and we are what make this country exceptional!

@faisalalmutar  fled Iraq to escape religious dogmatism. Now he's created a group called "Ideas Beyond Borders" that translates books like @sapinker 's "Enlightenment Now" into Arabic. Thankfully, surveys show people in the Middle East are starting to changing their views:

During the last two decades, says @johanknorberg , "Global poverty, child mortality, illiteracy... all declined faster than ever.” The world improves as markets spread prosperity:

Joe Biden says he’ll “advance racial equity” by making “bold investments” in “Affordable Housing,” aiding “businesses owned by Black and Brown people,” establishing an “Equity Commission,” etc. Gosh, that’ll do it.

@realDonaldTrump  pardons cronies and crooks, although he at least included some people actually sentenced unfairly. But Julian Assange and NSA whistleblower @Snowden ? No. Sad. I also once assumed such people made America less safe. But that's a myth, as this video explains:

Biden rejoined the #ParisClimateAccord  today. His people are so happy! Don’t they know the US ALREADY reduced emissions faster than all major countries? Bet none of them has actually read the Paris agreement. Here’s why it does little to help the environment:


Election day is in 17 days! Bettors say Biden is likely to win. Who will you vote for, and why?

YouTube has restricted my video that points out how the Southern Poverty Law Center has become a money grabbing slander machine. Could it be restricted because YouTube uses the Center’s guideline to police its content?! Seems like a conflict of interest.

2 Americans just landed safely after spending 2 months in space. 11 years ago, an Obama committee concluded that would take 12 years and cost $26 billion. Elon Musk did it in 6 years-- for less than $1 billion. Private competition is always better. #SplashDown  #LaunchAmerica 

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This morning Google told me that it would not allow my YouTube video "Socialism Leads to Violence" to be viewed by young people. It violates "community guidelines," said the company in a computer-generated email.

@nytimes ⁩ does LONG story on Venezuela becoming even poorer than Haiti… without once mentioning socialism.

A Facebook “fact checker” put a libelous “fact-check” on my recent video with @ShellenbergerMD  about wildfires. I appealed, but guess what: the appeal goes to… the same “fact-checker” who smeared me to begin with!

Only government spends $2 million on a tiny bathroom in a park. I investigated:

Some forests in California avoided the big blazes. The difference? They were well-maintained. Politicians blame the fires on climate change, but the bigger cause was their own mismanagement. @ShellenbergerMD  explains