Donald Trump / Joe Biden

Donald Trump seeks to corrupt the democratic process Joe Biden seeks to protect it so no, they're not alike on election legitimacy my @CNN  analysis

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Donald Trump / Joe Biden

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ICYMI: I spoke with @gtconway3d  about Trump's social media post this weekend about "Civil War." Conway says Democrats aren't taking the threat to American democracy seriously enough.

70% of Americans do not want to see Roe v. Wade overturned. Republicans must be held accountable - ask them a plain and simple question. Do you stand for a nationwide ban on abortion? If they do, then America does not stand with them.

Australian women took a good look at the prime ministerial bulldozer... and sent him a John Deere letter. Here's my column on why

Through @FeedtheFuture  and other initiatives, we are committing over $5 billion over 5 years to address food security threats and nutrition worldwide. This is in addition to over $4 billion in humanitarian assistance for Ukraine and its neighbors.

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“We’ve been censored by YouTube. They deleted a Judicial Watch post featuring me talking about Biden corruption/election integrity,” @TomFitton . Watch more:

Kind of nice that when this country faces a crisis of representation it turns to a group of smart professional women and not a populist gaggle of angry far right delusionists.

Emphasizing on ‘ease of living’ PM Modi said that these measures would result in furthering the ease of living for the citizens.

Don Winslow: ‘We’re fighting Trump and the Trumpists, and the imitators’

Antonio Conte completes ‘big challenge’ of taking Tottenham into Champions League